Among Us Emergency Meeting

How to use the among us emergency meeting? >> Get all the laltest information about it and start using it (April 2021)

To get the attention, start talking about games. That is one of the easiest tricks. There are different types of games introduced globally, and people have other choices of playing the games. In this article, we will talk about a game feature in a famous game known as among us emergency meeting.

We all know about Among us game. Those who do not know about this game will get to know by the end of this article. This is an in-game feature that can be used in either way. We will try to find out what exactly this feature is, ways to use it, and help the players playing it. We will also have a look at the reviews from the players.


What is Among us game?

This game was launched in June 2018 for iOS and Androids, Nov 2018 for Windows. It is kind of a mini-game that can be played in between 4 to 10 players. One round happens in any one of the 4 game maps. The spaceship used in the games is called The Skeld. The base of the planet is called Polus or The Airship (from the Henry Stickmin series). The building of the headquarter is called MIRA HQ.

The players can select from two roles that are Imposter and Crewmate. The Crewmates’ agenda is they have to recognize the Imposters while completing other tasks, and the Imposter plans to kill the Crewmates before they are meeting the tasks. A plurality vote can eliminate suspected players by calling an emergency meeting eligible for any player.

What is Among us Emergency meeting?


An emergency meeting is always time-limited. Any player can call the emergency meeting, and all the players come together to vote out the Imposters and explain their reason for the vote. If a player has reported any dead body or has used the red button, will speak first. 

At the end of the meeting, the players can vote for a player by clicking on their names and selecting from the options. One can also skip voting if want.

How can one call an Among us emergency meeting?


There are two ways to call an emergency meeting:

  • Find a dead body and report by using the report button
  • There is a button to call a meeting in Cafeteria; the player can use it as many times based on the server setting

The discussion behind the scenes?

  • If you are a Crewmate, you can call the meeting when the lights go out to suspect the Imposter of to save the life of your Crewmate
  • If you are an Imposter, if you are seeing Crewmate walking into the murder room, you can call the meeting that will pull them back to the table

What are the reviews of Among us emergency meeting?

As per the gamers, the emergency meeting is very important in the game. Although, players are complaining about the feature now. Some players use this feature as tactics and ruin the fun for the other players. 


Some players call the meeting just to troll other players or making funny useless announcements. This meeting can be called single time by one player.


As per the Internet’s information, this feature is misused by many of the players in the game. This feature is not bad and useful for the players who are playing the game ethically and enjoying it the way. 

We would like to know more about our readers and the gamers’ thoughts if this article was helpful for those who were not knowing about the game.


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