Among Us New Map Release Time

Hurry! Note the Among Us New Map Release Time because it is already launched and now its time to update the latest version. It is released on (March 31, 2021).

If you all are waiting for, Among Us New Map Release Time, all the fans of Among us must read this informative article because the Innersloth previously decided to postpone the date. Still, now as per the latest news, all the info about the release date is announced.



Maybe the release may affect as per the country like United States, United Kingdom, and others, but you need not worry about it because we bring to you all the details you are looking for to download it and enjoy it. So, let’s begin the trail of information.

What are the features and locations added to the latest map?


As you all know, Innersloth knows the nerve of the gamers, and that’s why they often release such updates, which comes into the top position in the trend searches. So what is the latest upgradation on the map?

Well, this time, you all, Among us lovers, will get a bigger map with new starting rooms, skins, outfits, and a new account system. Not only this, there are many more hidden surprises waiting for you that you will surely enjoy in the upcoming updates.

Added feature in Among Us New Map

  • Account system: Now, you can block the unwanted players who act toxic; in this update, you will get such a fantastic feature.
  • Outfits/Skins: As many of you may be waiting for the Among Us New Map Release Time in search of the latest skins/outfits, then there is good news for you all that they added hats, eyebrows (angry), and multiple skins.
  • DLC pack: Now, you can buy a bundle package instead of investing money in the individual purchase. The bundle will include hats, tops, bottom, cosmetics, new characters, and more.

What is the Among Us New Map Release Time?


We all know how pandemic hit severely worldwide; if we talk about the United States alone, then several lives are shattered. But one thing that came up was “Among us,” which received many recognitions and best online video game 2020 awards. 

Recently the developers of “Among us,” the Innersloth, released the updated version of the gaming map on March 31st, 2021. This time they loaded all the ingredients that their fans were waiting for. You will get a new starting room with a bigger map, which will make the game more challenging.

What is the public reaction to this latest release?


As the game updates are already released, you all can upgrade it, but one notable point we noticed is that millions of us fan very curiously waited for this update. One of our readers also expressed their curiosity for the game. Although the wait is over, the search is still on top trend.


We hope you liked our informative article issued in the interest of all the Among us fans. The Among Us New Map Release Time date is now released and already launched on March 31st, 2021. 

Meanwhile, if we missed something or want to know more about anything else, write us in the comment section.


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