Among Us Proximity Chat Mod

Read about Among Us Proximity Chat Mod, enable the live voice chat >> also hear what others are saying and exose there plan.

We all know the popularity of the game “Among us” it is one of the trending game and also the most liked game, there are many versions available on the internet if you don’t want to play the game then you even use the among us pets in your desktop as a template, theme and play with them. But here in this article, we are talking about one new feature of the game that is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod.

The proximity chat option allows you to talk and chat with your teammate’s live, with no need to message. You can directly speak with one another. No matter where your friend is from, whether the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, or any other country. But you have to send a message to connect it. It is one of the most exciting features which is liked by every Among us fans.

What is Proximity chat?

The proximity chat option enables you to stay connected with your teams via voice chat. You can talk with them to live during your gameplay. Although those who are born gamer, this voice chat features are not new to them, but those who are new to the game will find it interesting.

The “Among us” chat option also helps you keep your perspective and change the plan suggestion directly via voice chat. So, it is one of the best things that any player wants. 

What is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod?

As the voice chat features available in other games like PUBG, Free fire Battleground is very common and not new to these games. In the matter of Among Us Proximity Chat Mod, if a person is within the 15-20 meter around you, you can hear their voice. But there is some issue raised by some of the players that it is not good because someone can record it and can use it for trolling.

However, this feature is not currently available in the game as it was in a trial and test period by the developers. They are not likely to introduce this feature but will execute it after some time, so for more updates. You can visit our website to learn more. But at present, the parts are not available to the players.

What is the user saying about it?

When we searched the user experience, they found several mixed reactions like those who don’t like these features said that it could secretly record voice and be a threat to their security. Still, it is not as we respect all, as there are several games available who have features like Among Us Proximity Chat Mod, and they are excellent.


As per the information available over the internet, few of the users didn’t like the voice chat, and few of the gamer liked it, as it helps to communicate. But at present, Among Us Proximity Chat Mod feature of “Among us” is not available. 

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