Among Us Twitch Pet

Read how to get Among Us Twitch Pet for free >> read the full article and know how you can be in the game even after your pet dies.

Among Us is one of the most played games in recent times and enjoys a huge fanbase which continues to grow, and its popularity on Twitch among online gaming streamers has also been increasing. We will help you know everything about Among Us Twitch Pet, a new reward that the game offers, so read on to know more.

In collaboration with Twitch, Among Us is offering a new pet based on Twitch’s Glitch Logo for all the players spread Worldwide. We all know that players are very keen to unlock new rewards and pets free to use to make their game more thrilling.

Twitch Rivals: All about the event

It is an event where the developer of Among us, InnerSloth, has partnered with Twitch to watch the Twitch Rivals event through your Twitch account to claim your free Glitch Pet for some time before the pet is dropped into your account. The possibility that has started on December 4 will continue to provide its benefits to the players until December 18 worldwide. The player won’t be able to use this opportunity to earn a free pet.

Among Us Twitch Pet is a way of engaging players by offering free pets based on the Twitch Logo as many streamers play Among Us game by connecting to the users, and Twitch has significantly helped increase the number of players in this game as they have a considerable following. Such events also give a chance to the fans that they can support both the game and their favorite streamers.

Pets in Among Us Game:

Among Us is an engaging multiplayer game which revolves around finding which of your crew member is an alien imposter as we play around a spaced theme game. 

It involves several cosmetic items, including hats, pets, outfits though they are not free to use. Pets have no advantage in the game, but they bring fun to the game, and Among Us Twitch Pet is free to be used in the game by only attending an event and being a part of the community of various streamers.


Know the steps to get your Twitch Pet?

You will get to earn a free pet as part of the Twitch Rivals event for free, and once the event is over, you won’t find another opportunity to get it. Here is what you need to do:

  • The user will have to watch the Twitch Rivals showdown that commenced at the beginning of December and will continue on Twitch, where people can watch live streaming of the game till December 18 for a minimum of thirty minutes while logging into its Twitch account.

However, for this, take care of the following

  • In your Among Us game, open the settings tab and go to the Data Tab
  • There you will see a Twitch Glitch icon, and you will click on it.
  • After this, your Twitch account will be opened & then you can authorize access to allow Twitch to open Among Us.
  • After you have watched it, you can claim your pet by clicking the claim button in the Chat panel or from the drops inventory. 

You can use the Among Us Twitch pet for free whenever you want, as it will be added to your inventory even after the event is over, and the developers are also planning to update new maps to make it more thrilling.

Fetching error while getting the Glitch pet?

We also noticed some feedback from players mentioning that they were facing issues while creating an account in Twitch rival but it is a temporary issue.


The rewards that the game is offering have been attracting the players’ attention, and they are keen to explore such events that keep them hooked to the game. They can also connect to various streamers and their favorite ones due to this Twitch Rivals event is also quite exciting, and we are also impressed.

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