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Are you looking for reviews? Then, you have landed at the right place. In the following sessions of this article, we will see all the details about and how it works and what are its advantages.

It is one of the educational websites from the United States which acts as a catalyst if someone is looking to find a job or career growth. It also provides opportunities to start with internships and take up more courses and skills for young degree holders. But, if this kind of website asks for money, it is a scam sign. Let us see the reality of this site.

What is aprende com? is a platform where we can search and find jobs that best suit us. It was created in 2014. As there is not much information available, we couldn’t find the creator details and all. 

The website also invests heavily in researching career trends and providing its consumers with this information to help them align themselves with the future. Additionally, they also advise their clients on how to build dream job landing resumes. They work with the clients to modify the resumes so that they are attractive to prospective employers. 

Besides, the platform links clients with professional resume writers who can make minor significant changes to the resume. Imperatively, it is also a platform that helps connect employers to the top talents that they need for their organization. They use job listings provided by employers to find employees who perfectly match the requirements listed. 

Therefore, you can say that career Builder offers a direct link between employers looking for skilled and talented additions to their organizations and employees seeking professional jobs. It is one of many sites that provide these services.

In the next session, we will see reviews and legit. 



The website doesn’t look good to see and browse. 

Overall, we couldn’t find any significant or significant advantages for you when you choose the website to help your jobs. The only benefit we can say is, you may get a job after you use their paid service.

We found more cons which we are mentioning below. 


  • It doesn’t have any ratings or reviews available on its website.
  • The website looks clumsy and doesn’t have an attractive vibe.
  • They do not provide any legal contact details of the companies. When they offer jobs and career opportunities that are legal, then why don’t they unhide their details and be more transparent?
  • The website’s owner is hiding his identity.
  • They are providing a paid service.
  • In addition, if you want to use their service, they will give you a personal account number, to which money needs to be transferred.

In the following sessions, we will see reviews. 

Is aprende legit?


Various factors may help us decide the legitimacy of this site, and let us discuss those points in this section.

  • Though the website is 7-year-old for now, they do not have social media presence anywhere. If the website is a legal one, they might have promoted their services through social media pages.
  • The owner of this website is hiding the contact details. Neither can we see the contact details of the office, not the customer support or staff?
  • It holds a trust score of 6%, which is very low for a year-old company and is a dangerous sign if you think to use the website.
  • Providing personal bank details is a sign that they do not have an official allowance to maintain the bank account and receive a fee.

All the above points make this site very suspicious. Let us confirm the legit of this site by looking at the reviews.

What are reviews?

After extensive research on the web, we were able to find a few reviews from customers. Here are some of them:

Vicky writes, “An online friend suggested me about this and I got flattered by thinking that I will get job. But, I read the reviews available online. And then, I saved myself from fraud.” 


Tina claims, “I believed them and got scammed. There is no way to contact them. I wish I could have been smart enough to find this before I paid. I won’t recommend this to anyone.”

More reviews convey the same. Everywhere we can only see the negative response.


As we have seen, this website has failed in all the legitimacy checkpoints. Also, reviews are completely warning the users not to use the website. If you ask, Is this website legit, We may say it is not a reliable website.

Social media presenceNo
Trust score6%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

Feel free to tell your valuable opinion in the comment section. Also, stay connected to us for more information like this.


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