Aspiration Scam

Aspiration scam? Are you searching for an answer to this question? In this article, we will clarify all the doubts and queries about this website.

There are many online banking portals in the United States. It is becoming necessary to know the difference between genuine and fraudulent sources. Aspiration is a financial firm and allows users to make an easy purchase from any online portal. But is it safe to deposit your hard-earned money in it? 

What is

It is a private bank owned by Andrei Cherny that provides sustainable financial services. Its headquarters is at Marina Del Rey, California. It was founded in 2015 and has gained funding of more than $250 million till now. Recently they have launched a mobile app. 

This app helps to keep a list of all the shopping done by its customers. They keep a score of all the major Shopping platforms to review how they treat their customers. They also offer a tenable mutual fund named Redwood to all eco-friendly companies.

With the ever-advancing technology, everyone is facing threats related to their financial services. Using any new domain is always risky. The platform offers customers a reliable way to store their money in a deposit account. But we cannot trust it because of some red flags. Therefore it is necessary to know more about aspiration scams.

How to use

You can own a deposit account in by following these simple steps:

• Please make sure that the device you are using has an active internet connection before following the further steps.

• Use the web address to visit the official website.

• At the top right corner, you will see a button Get Started. Press that to start making your account.

• Enter the email address that you want to link with your bank account.

• Click on the bar that says get started, then another web page will load where you will have to create a password for your aspiration account.

• click on the box stating I agree with all the terms and conditions and press next.


• Next, you will be required to select your aspiration card and press select card.

• Then, you will have to select your annual plan. You can also pay monthly by clicking on another link given below.

• After that, a new webpage will open where you will have to submit all your private information. Please make sure you are filling in all the information correctly.

• The next page will consist of a box where you will have to enter your social security number. Always double-check it and then press next.

• After filling in, give the website some time to process and load successfully.

• Your account is successfully created.


We have followed all these steps and verified them ourselves.

Is aspiration scam?

The domain itself is not an official bank but has partnered up with many banks to keep your deposit safe. These banks are FDIC-insured. Their main aim is to provide cashback and rewards to the customers who shop from ethical companies. 

The domain has offered 10% discounts on shopping with various companies and allows you to choose monthly payments. Using aspiration can help you omit ATM fees.

They lack an official headquarters or any branch, where people can complain or make a new account. We read their policies, terms, conditions, and reviews. We also found that the website is SSL encrypted. We are confident about their legitimacy and suggest people visit their profile for any of their issues. 

It has 2.5 ratings on Trustpilot that tell customers are not completely satisfied with their services. Hence we would recommend our readers do background checks before affiliating with them.


The review section of this domain has a mixed response. Some people were satisfied, while others were annoyed by their delayed services. Some customers complained that they did not get their promotional balance, and when they complained about it in the customer care services, their account was blocked. 


Users are disappointed with aspiration customer care services. The domain has locked many accounts which still have a lot of money in them. The owners of those accounts are feeling unsafe about their finances. 

Along with the negative comments we also found many people who were utterly satisfied with their services and even brought in their friends. The customers appreciate its services and say that it is an easy platform to use. 

They lack any brick-and-mortar branches, but their services and offers have made it a prominent brand in the United States. One of its most appreciated services is the use of ATMs without any extra cost.

Is aspiration scam? The answer is no, but it is a comparatively new domain with few trusted customers. We would suggest our users read their terms and policies before making any decision.


Aspiration has some fields to enhance to gather some customer base, but are safer than most online banking platforms. We did not find any solid proof to justify the aspiration scam.

Social media presenceNo
Trust score2.5 stars
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

If you have previously used their services, please share your experience with us in the comment section.


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