Battery Lawn Mower Review

Want to know about battery lawn mower review and customer feedback. Does your lawnmower delay your work on a lazy Sunday morning? Are you also looking for a new and improved version for your lawn mowing days? Read this informative article to find out.

We’ll be reviewing one such battery lawn mower- Toro 21466. This product is made in the United States and has shown great potential. There are different specifications based on which they’re rated. Not to mention that they’re expensive. 


So you don’t want to invest in something that you might regret buying. That’s why it’s necessary to look into detail. The technicalities might appear confusing, but we’re here to simplify them for you. So without wasting your time, let’s dig into the details.

What is Toro 21466?

All battery lawn mowers will include two things based on which they assess the quality of the lawnmower. Those are- build quality and cut quality. So when the field tests are performed, they are marked based on that. When Toro 21466 of the United States underwent this test, these two arenas’ performance was apt and therefore came on top of all battery-powered lawnmowers. 


This model was launched recently and took the market by surprise. It is priced at $499 with a 6-Ah battery. The lawnmower weighs around 80.4 lbs. and has a 60-volt motor.  

Let’s look further into its specifications.


  • Bagging is rated at 5/10 (according to battery lawn mower reviews)
  • Handling is rated at 5/10
  • Deck height and adjustment- Individual wheel
  • Washout Port- Yes
  • Drive wheels- rear
  • Deck size- 22 inches
  • Mower warranty- 2 years
  • Battery warranty- 3 years
  • Price- $499 in home depot, $788 in Walmart

Pros of Toro 21466

  • The cutting deck is spacious, with 22 inches in diameter. 
  • It also has a Vortex turbo-charged Airflow.
  • It has a brushless electric motor. The Intel is RunSmart. 
  • The voltage is 60 with a Flex Force Power System.
  • The battery is interchangeable, which works with all battery-powered yard tools.
  • It has the largest mower cutting area concerning the battery-powered line.
  • It is foldable with its SmartStow and therefore takes 70% less space than other lawnmowers.
  • The warranty is quite good, with up to 2 years for the mower and 3 years for the battery.
  • There is an air vent in the front which is responsible for improving its bagging performance.
  • This model has a 21 inches atomic blade which helps the airflow and clipping movement.
  • It is all steel and no plastic with a rear-wheel drive and wheels that are 11 inches which help to roll over roots. Also, the steel ensures that it stays with you for a more extended period.

Cons of Toro 21466

  • You’ll have to push it manually while keeping it back from your yard, as the blades don’t stop spinning. 
  • The wires are outside, which is not liked aesthetically by many customers.

Battery lawn mower review?


Usually, when looking for customer reviews, we tend to find at least a few negative ones. But almost every website offers an excellent review for this lawnmower approx 90% positive reviews. The design is superior and more efficient than other lawn mowers in the market. 

It offers better bagging and mulching system. It is explicitly designed to assist the user and make it easier for them to mow. Many have even described it as a pleasure to mow with this model. 



Toro has been making lawnmowers for 100 years now. Their deck adjustments are just on point. Even the bagging and mulching handle allows people to work without interruption. The motor is powerful and doesn’t get jammed constantly like other lawnmowers. 

Their design is all steel with a sturdy blade, ensuring that it won’t break at the first rock. They also have a water hose extension that allows you to clean it from inside. If you have a medium-sized yard, you can go for this model. 

We hope the Battery Lawn Mower Review gives you a fair idea and cleared the confusion. Do let us know in the comments below which lawn mower you’d be willing to try out this spring. 


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