Butterfly Park Delhi | 20+ Things Need to Know Before Visit 2022

Where is Butterfly Park Delhi? These little flying creatures are the epitome of beauty and colors. If you want to experience a beautiful view with thousands of butterflies in the ambiance, this new park is your go-to location. The people have been waiting for this miracle for a long time to add more beauty to the city.

The capital of India is the grandest tourist attraction for the people in the United States to enjoy architecture and historical monuments. When you plan to visit New Delhi, make sure you indulge in some natural places like Butterfly Park. Read further to know more about it.

What is Butterfly Park Delhi?

It is a park modified as a safe place for butterflies with tourist attractions. Recently The Butterfly Park in Delhi has become the most highlighted picnic spot for friends and families on weekends. It is a special place for kids who enjoy watching animals and small creatures.

The park got made in an area covering around 3 acres inhabiting carnivorous plants, nectar shrubs, and regional trees. You will find thousands of species of butterflies with different colors and sizes. The variety of these creatures attracts the eyes and soothes your mind.

You can also find some medicinal plants and fruits hanging around the park to accentuate its beauty. You will also come across some rare species that have been extinct in the rural areas of India.

Butterfly Park Gurgaon is similar to many tourist attractions, but it is a much larger conservatory spreading over almost 9 acres of land. So, if you like the Park and like to explore more similar places, explore Butterfly Park Gurgaon for a better experience.

Butterfly Park Delhi location and address

Butterfly Park address gets reached using much transport, but the metro is most convenient. Metro. Travel from Huda City to Mehrauli. Then you have to walk up to Chattarpur temple to find the Tughlabad fort.

You will find the Asola locality in this area, which marks the exact locality. Butterfly Park Delhi ticket price ranges between 20 to 30 bucks according to the individual’s age. The opening time of this location is 9:00 a.m., and the closing time is 5:00 p.m.

We recommend reaching this place in the morning to enjoy the beautiful scenic view with flying butterflies. Travel towards the Butterfly Park Delhi nearest metro station at Mehrauli, and reach this place within a few minutes.

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Which species get found in the Butterfly Park Delhi location?

The park marks to obtain the widest variety of these arthropods. Some of them are so rare that you cannot find the mean any other part of India. The owners have tried to bring in some foreign species to intrigue the guest’s interest.

According to the latest analysis, 64 types of these creatures are found in this area. Here are some species that can get found in the park.

  • Common Jay
  • Parrot
  • Monarch
  • Common Glass Yellow
  • Line Blue
  • Dinghy Swift
  • Balka Parrot
  • Plain Tiger
  • Common Castor


Butterfly Park Delhi is a great tourist attraction for many people in Delhi. It is the perfect picnic spot for families that can play games and enjoy yummy food from the cafes. There are some attractions for kids, and they can learn new things about butterflies and explore their life cycles.


Which city has a butterfly park?

You can rarely find them in India, but the most famous parks are present in Bengaluru, Thane, Shimla, and Ponda. Due to the receding butterfly species and many registered extinctions government of India is trying to preserve the remaining of these beautiful creatures by creating more safe places for them.

Which is the first butterfly park in India?

Bangalore is registered to have the first-ever sanctuary in India, established in 2006. The location is a safe place to learn more about these beautiful arthropods and their life cycle.

Which is the largest butterfly park in India?

According to our analysis, Chandigarh got listed to have the largest conservatory with 15 acres of land on its property to create the largest butterfly sanctuary.

Which park is famous for butterflies?

Bengaluru is famous for its butterfly sanctuary because of its unique way of presenting the breeding cycle of this creature. It is a highly educational place for students providing knowledge on the insect’s life cycle.

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