Buzzbgone Scam or Not What You Say?

The world is fighting diseases nowadays. We all are familiar with the countries’ challenges and people around the world due to these contagious diseases. The diseases become contagious mostly because of mosquitoes and insects. They are known as the carrier of the disease. In this article, we will talk about a device that can help in repelling insects and mosquitoes. We will try to find out if buzzbgone scam or not.


The people of the United States are getting attracted to this amazing device. Let us try to find out more information on this and gather it together in this article. The device is available on many online platforms. It is also known for its quality, durability, and price. There are places in the world suffering because of the insects and their bites. This could become the global solution for all.

Buzzbgone is a portable mosquito killing system. You can carry it anywhere. It is designed to be compact and hangable—the device work without any harmful chemicals through the use of purple LED lights. The device has no moving parts. It is simply a combination of purple lights and electricity. Purple lights are to attract, kill mosquitoes and other insects. This could also be a buzzbgone scam; let find out.

What is buzzbgone?


This device used purple LED lights to attract insects (mosquitoes, buzz, etc.) towards itself. There is electric tubing around the light, and the insects could not reach the light without trespassing the electric tubing. This the trapping place of the insects, and they get zapped. The functioning of the device is quite simple and easy to use. It is a good repelling to the insects. 


  • Created by: Prestige Alliance Limited, New Jersey
  • Contact number: +1-855-265-4475
  • Email:
  • Phone: 855-378-9408
  • Mailing Address: 48 Bi-State #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675 (United States)
  • Payment options: VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, PayPal, DISCOVER
  • Price per unit: $40
  • Return policy: Not applicable for used/open product
  • Return period: within 30 days from the delivery
  • Refund policy: Full refund after return of the product
  • Packaging Details: micro-USB cable to charge the device


  • Maybe buzzbgone scam is not the truth as per the reviews
  • It zaps the insects using the UV light
  • The fan can pull from 360 degrees
  • Trapped insects cannot escape
  • It can be used for the outer areas and enjoy your time
  • It is also providing discount
  • An increase in the number of items increases the discount %


  • The device uses UV light that could be harmful
  • battery MAh is limited, which is why it needs to charge quite often.
  • The price could be lesser 

Is buzzbgone a scam or not?

Depending on the social media and Internet research, we did find the social media accounts. They do not consist of a huge fan base but contains the product information. We also found customer responses about this product and can be considered legit. 

What are buzzbgone reviews?


According to the customers’ reviews, there are a lot of customers giving positive feedback for this product. They have claimed that this device actually lures them away from mosquitoes and other insects even in the outer place. 

After all, everyone wants to enjoy their time in comfort. This is reflecting in the reviews found for the product. There is hardly any chance of a buzzbgone scam. 



Buzzbgone is an insect killer, and being a mosquito killer can also observe a good fan base of this product. Maybe the reason is service and the quality of the product. We have gathered all the information found on the Internet about this product. 

We would be happy to read the comments of our readers and let us know your thoughts about this insect killer.


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