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The website of CRA is hacked and the website is now showing Cra Error 021 >> Know the reason behind this and about the solutions. Read reviews.

Are you facing Cra Error 021? Then you are on the right page because we realise the tension during the tax paying months where you have to calculate and ready to pay the yearly tax. But what you will do when you came to know that the website from where you are going to apply for a tax return shows an error, so let’s find out more about it.

Time has come in Canada when you start making arrangements for tax returns. The upcoming month is known for tension and stress. But one thing that came to point, which is a worry for several people is that the CRA website is not working and showing some error.

What is CRA?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the part of the Canadian Federal Government which is liable for gathering charge from all Canadians with an available pay. You will likewise discover around a few advantages on returns and how you can help saving duty. Humi Payroll can transmit charge straightforwardly for you, for all the compensation you pay out to your workers.

You can know many norms by visiting the website, but for that you to read the terms and condition.

What is Cra Error 021?

CRA is a government site where people can get details and file a tax return, but in some past few days, a problem is occurred showing error 021. Several people started talking about it on various portals like Reddit; it is discovered that the website is tried to hack, and due to that reason, the portal is not working.


The website is not working because it is a virus attack; it may be due to someone found the loophole within the website and left the bug that damaged the website’s security. 

What is the public reaction after this incidence, when it will get resolved?

As per the available responses over the internet, we found that people are shocked and are very worried about this because the website has several accounts and personal details that may be misused. The CRA website is a government running portal where all the tax returns and details are stored, the cyberattack at the time of tax return is not favourable for any citizen.

Few individuals told that they wasted several hours submitting the form and tried many times to get a solution but came out clueless.


As per our study, this activity is looking suspicious, and it seems that those who did this has something to do with it. Although Cra Error 021 is already noted by the officials when it will get resolved only time will tell. Meanwhile, if you faced a similar situation or had any solution to this, please share in the comment section.


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