Dialwidgets.com Reviews, Check Out Customer Feedback [2023]

Have you ever gone through any dialwidgets.com reviews? If you still need to and are eager to learn more about the website, you can go through this article for all the required details. 

It is one of those websites that has offered people a golden chance to make some pocket money and pave their way toward being financially independent. It provides work every week, and the payment is accordingly made. Each feature of the website has been analyzed in this article and given here to help people know the use of the website and how authentic it is. 

What is Dialwidgets.com? 

The above information about dialwidgets.com shows that this website allows people to work from anywhere and earn money conveniently. Even though there are numerous such websites available, the majority of them are scammers.

This website does not assign tasks or ask people to play games to make money or progress in the game. It is said to be managed by a qualified individual. It is also mentioned on the website that efficiency in managing the platform is required to earn good money. The dialwidgets.com reviews have covered each aspect. However, the link to access this website redirects users to another website, pauljames.com. 

Features of the Website 

The features that can be the deciding factor in judging the website’s authenticity have been elaborated in this dialwidgets.com review. Go through the points here for a better understanding

  • Users have to attend a seminar for which they have to register themselves. 
  • With a free-of-cost registration, users can learn how to make money easily from the webinar.
  • They have to provide their contact details and address. A Facebook Messenger link is also required to receive updates about the webinar.
  • People can earn up to $2000 a week. 
  • They have not provided any contact detail or address of their own. 
  • They have no social media presence. 
  • Registration for the website was done in June 2021.
  • NAMECHEAP INC. is its registration name.


Given what the website claims to provide, there are several benefits that it has to offer. The given points have shed light on it:

  • People can sit at home and earn money. 
  • They only have to learn a few tactics taught in the webinar.
  • People can earn almost 2000$ a week, which is a high amount. 
  • Keeping in mind the users’ convenience allows them to attend the webinar as they please.
  • Users can access the website quite easily.
  • Those who lack basic computer knowledge can even use the website, which is pretty simple.


Per the information given in the dialwidgets.com reviews, there are several cons to using the website.

  • There are no ways of contacting the website.
  • No official address or email address is provided on the website. 
  • In today’s world, it is one website with no social media handles.
  • The link for the website redirects users to the webpage of another website-pauljames.com
  • Reviews about the website are unavailable on the website or any other source. 
  • Its rating on the trust index is relatively poor, as per the data provided by www.scammer.com

Is the website legit?

Analyzing the points mentioned in the dialwidgets.com reviews and from our own experience with the website, it can be said that it gives users very little to go on. There is a complete absence of communication, and users will feel stranded, according to Whois.com. The website is only five months old, which makes us doubt its legitimacy. Clicking on the website redirects users to another page, pauljames.com, which raises doubts regarding its authenticity. 

Take a look at the dialwidgets.com reviews

A lack of reviews on the website or any other platform raises questions about its authenticity and security. The nature of the website is suspicious, and cannot be trusted in any manner. It is better to refrain from making use of such websites. 


Every aspect of the website has been discussed in detail in the dialwidgets.com reviews. The fact that one can earn money just by learning a few tricks from a webinar sounds like a sketchy business. The unavailability of contact details, social media accounts, and addresses further intensifies the suspicions surrounding it. It is not worth using. 

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