Divvy Homes Reviews – Check Out Is Legit Or Not 2022 ?

Read the latest Divvy homes reviews 2022? Buy your dream house with this online portal which includes many customer-friendly stats and policies. Know how?

They possess the best estate at affordable prices. There are no binding terms, and you can easily move in/out at your convenience.

There is plenty of real estate association in the United States. But all of them come with different policies and hidden charges. Hence we recommend reading all the necessary details and taking safety tips. Read further to know more about this website.

What are Divvy homes?


It is an online portal that helps the people of the United States get their own homes. They allow you to stay at a rent and collect the downpayment until you are ready to purchase it. 

The company got started by Adena Hefet to help the financially weaker section of the community. They are here to change the primitive mortgage industry and levy a load on our finances. 

Under these conditions, millions of Americans do not have their own home. Most of them face problems with paperwork and getting approved. But divvy houses works with a team of professionals in the industry to change the existing issues.


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How do divvy homes work? 

They have designed a simple pathway to get your dream home. Read through the steps given below.

  • Go to the official website and fill out the application.
  • They ask you to prequalify by putting in some credentials.
  • Then they will fix a budget for you.
  • Now you can go through the options available and choose one among them. 
  • After that, you will get assisted by their representatives. You are allowed to choose any home within your qualified budget.
  • The company will buy it for you and cover all the extra payments.
  • They ask you to pay for a small 1-2% down payment.
  • You can move in instantly and start saving for total ownership.
  • They allow you to buy it with monthly savings.


  • There are no eligibility criteria, so everyone is welcome.
  • The downpayment is less.
  • You can get your savings back if you do not wish to buy them.
  • Filling in the application does not affect your credit score.


  • The budget gets fixed by the company.
  • Average consumer rating.
  • Prices are higher than usual.

Is divvy homes legit?

Let us check the points that describe the legitimacy of divvy homes:

  • The company has partnered with many mortgage professionals and the government to analyze its business model and work effectively.
  • Are you wondering if it is a legal company? Yes, It is!
  • The brand got owned by Adena Heffer, and she supports it with all her power. The official website has all the necessary aspects like customer care services, shipping policy, and refund policy.
  • Social media: The brand is present on all major social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. But they have not received recognition on the sources. There are only 18k followers on Instagram.
  • Divvy homes reviews: several positive comments are present on all the open sources.

All the data mentioned on their platform seems legit. 

Divvy homes reviews?

After going through multiple reviews on authentic sources, we found an average consumer rating of 3.5/5 stars. Many customers benefitted from this system and are happy with their services. The business model set up by them is an excellent idea.

Customers mentioned some drawbacks in negative Divvy homes reviews. They referred to it as another landlord dealing high in double rent rates. You can get a house from a property management association at a much lower price. 


The only advantage divvy gives easy pre-approval. We recommend our readers research other options before making a final decision.


Divvy homes reviews signify it to be a legitimate company. There are some terms and policies on the official website that you shall go through. Make sure you have checked other options before investing your money in them. 

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