Ecoserve Energy Saver Reviews

When it comes to the electricity bill, most of us raise our eyebrow and think about how? It is the most common expression, but there are specific steps that you can take to avoid an increased electricity bill. Like implement Solar Panels according to the essential requirement, and try to balance the usage. In this article, we will discuss Ecoserve Energy Saver Reviews.

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In the United States, you will find several alternative options for whom you want to take the electricity service for your home, office, or shop. These days renewable energy is on-demand the reason is because of the reduced bill and cost-effective. Nowadays, you will see that in most apartments, offices, and buildings are running through 100% renewable energy.

In this article, we will discuss Ecoserve Energy Saver and verify whether it is Ecoserve Energy Saver Legit.

What is Ecoserve Energy Saver?


Ecoserve Energy Saver is an electronic device that optimizes your usage and minimizes the current loss of up to 90%. The company claims the invention can be plugin anywhere in the socket board where you take maximum output. No need for special installation procedures; you have to plug in and switch on the button the LED will become green which is an indication that it is working.

The device is portable in size; the company is recommending to use it within 500 sqft. Currently, the website offers to buy one get one offer with a 50% discount and buy two get one free. On purchase on the product, a buyer will get a lifetime warranty with a 100% result guarantee. If a buyer purchases five Ecoserve, they can save 25%, and they will also get free shipping all over the United States.


  • It does not consume the current alone, the input of the ecoserve is 90/250 volt
  • It is light in weight having 150 gms; it is portable in size
  • It avoids temperature raise and controls the heat
  • The frequency range is 50-60 Hz
  • Lifetime guarantee- warranty

Is Ecoserve Energy Saver legit?


Buyers received the product; we also find the related articles over the internet specifying its pros and cons. But apart from its website, we never detected any experienced real-time feedback by the purchasers. It lacks trust because we only heard its claims, maybe people are getting benefits, but we are not sure about the device or found any Ecoserve Energy Saver Reviews whether it works as per the advertisement.

  • SSL encrypted: Yes
  • Social Media page: Yes
  • Site Age: Over 100 days

Pros and cons of Ecoserve Energy Saver 

Pros of Ecoserve Energy Saver

  • According to the company the device act as surge protection which is used to stabilize the voltage
  • For its effective use, you should plugin near the beaker box 
  • It also stops the device from getting overheat; the reason behind overheat is the current loss.
  • The website is available on social media where they have published many posts
  • Can be used for anywhere like a house, shops, and restaurants or at office
  • All types of online payment are accessible

Cons of Ecoserve Energy Saver

  • The device will not benefits if you use an electric appliance like AC, electric stoves, etc.
  • The product is Chinese made, and it has no scientifically proven certificate
  • We found no customers that can share their experience with us
  • Maybe it can save your bill a bit, but there is no proven guarantee

What is the customer saying about it?

We searched and saw a few videos where these products were independently tested but found no positive results. We found no Ecoserve Energy Saver Reviews until now; if you have any positive experience with it, you can tell us.



As per our study, the essential way to know about any product is by its consumer reviews. But for ecoserve buyers review is absent, although the product is valuable and optimize electricity bill up to 90%. If you want to buy the product, we will suggest that you make a concern about its legitimacy. 

You can share your experience with us in the comment section if you used it or received any benefits.


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