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Are you looking for some monetary help? Then read this article about Eraalabama .com and get three months fund in advance, is it legit?

Are you suffering from financial loss? You must then pay attention to this article because Eraalabama .com brings you one of the top ways to get over it. Millions of families suffered in this pandemic and lost everything; people lost their jobs and faced a financial crisis. To help those needy ones, this website is coordinating for their stability.

The program is available only for the United States and in Alabama County; for all the details about how it works and whether it is legit or not, please read the full article to get an exact idea about it. Avoid confusing articles that are available over the internet.

What is Eraalabama .com?

As we mentioned in the above section, the website helps the needy, i.e., the tenants and the landlords, so that no one faces any financial crisis and may get some assistance for economic hold. Due to the pandemic, several lost their lives, jobs, and families, but it is essential to look after those who are suffering and undergoing severe conditions.

The impact of COVID-19 can be seen as the middle-class families face issues to fulfill the day-to-day needs. In this condition, is helping all the tenants and landlords financially, but they have to submit the application form, and based on that, you will get assistance from the company.

Contact information:

  • Phone number – 1-833-620-2434
  • Monday-Friday
  • 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST

How can you apply for it?

As in the Eraalabama .com, it is mentioned that the program is started on 1st March 2021, all the tenants and landlords have to apply. Based on the eligibility, the applicant will be shortlisted and will be contacted as the criteria. All the applicant can apply for this program are welcome as the end date is not declared yet:


  • The needy have to register and make an online account 
  • Then you have to fill up all the details for identity verification 
  • You can read the instruction and the guidelines to find the eligibility (tenants & landlords). 
  • As per the emergency rental assistance Alabama you will be verified and will be contacted for further procedure
  • Unemployed benefits also available

Landlord Application

The landlord can apply on behalf of the tenant for the due or future payment; they have to:

  • All the amount must be satisfied and as per the current rent by the tenant 
  • You have to take a sign of your tenant in the application form and have to keep one copy of it
  • You can make aware about this program to your tenant

Tenant form

The tenant can fill-up the form on behalf of the landlord; if they are not willing to apply for it, then in that case tenant can apply on their behalf, or the tenant can apply for themselves also:

  • Keep ready all your documents
  • Check the eligibility criteria and identify whether your house is qualifying for the program or not
  • Inform your tenant about this program, or you are applying for it


All the payments will send directly to the landlord’s account; if they are unreachable or not ready to accept the payment in their bank account, then, in that case, the payment will be redirected to the tenant’s account after 21 days of outreach.

Is the website legit?

  • Website domain age: 16-feb-2021
  • SSL Encryption: Yes
  • Trust Index: 1%

As per our research and analysis, we found numerous articles where the website is considered suspicious. But when we study the information and details, we found that there are few groups/NGO’s who run such programs as goodwill and as social work. Although the contact number is already given, the applicant contacts them for more info.


As per the details mentioned above, Eraalabama .com assists tenants and landlords and offers the three months of future payment in advance, or they can also collect the due month payment. However, the trust index is low as the website is newly launched, but you can check out this website and apply it by taking all safety and concerns.

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