GOLO Reviews and Complaints 2023

Checkout the latest “GOLO Reviews and Complaints.” We have received several feedback from customers which you must read. Also, read the workout plan, pros and cons.

There appear to be an infinite number of diets available, all of which guarantee to make you reduce weight. Albeit every plan has a unique strategy for achieving this, GOLO is focused on addressing hormonal problems that interfere with your capacity to burn fat. But if we look up on the internet, GOLO reviews are a bit conflicting, which may cause you to be unsure about its effectiveness.

What is GOLO?

Before going to the GOLO Reviews and Complaints segment, let’s know about the GOLO diet. It is a diet plan that strongly emphasizes controlling insulin concentrations to aid with weight reduction. It is predicated on the idea that insulin may hinder weight loss as it plays a massive role in regulating the body’s blood sugar levels. Sometimes your body might develop insulin resistance. 

In this condition, your organs and muscles fail to utilize glucose and don’t respond to insulin adequately. This ends up slowing down your metabolism and accumulating fat in your body. This is when GOLO comes into play. They assert that GOLO will aid people in fat loss by:

  • Regulating hormones that affect your body’s overall weight
  • Managing glucose
  • Keeping appropriate sugar levels
  • Doing away with different dieting methods

The primary goal of GOLO is to enable people to utilize energy effectively by bringing their blood sugar and insulin concentrations back to normal.

How Does GOLO Work?

The key component of GOLO’s diet regimen is an organic supplement called “RELEASE.” It comes in capsule form and is renowned for improving metabolic activity and assisting in the reversal of Insulin Resistance. Additionally, it supports weight loss and overall wellbeing. RELEASE is produced at an American pharma laboratory regulated by the FDA and accredited by Health Canada, NSF International, and Organic.

It is a special mix of seven phytoconstituents and three minerals. The people who created this medication believe that you may simply achieve your objectives and relish your food without feeling guilty or worried about putting on pounds. Just a single pill along with your meals shall do its work! RELEASE takes care of your hormonal imbalances that get in the way of fat/carb metabolism. 

Additionally, it tackles harmful visceral fats, stress, cravings, and hunger. A study conducted in the year 2018, where obese people were given RELEASE daily for 13 weeks, revealed that people taking the medication considerably outweighed those who took a placebo in terms of weight loss, waist circumference, and health risks.

GOLO Diet Plan


This plan includes 3 meals a day with plenty of water. In addition, it also includes taking the RELEASE capsule either after or before your meal. A meal should consist of 1-2 items from the so-called “fuel group,” i.e., protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy fats. All of the macronutrients are said to be the best for this diet. 

It also calls for starchy veggies and suggests whole grains over processed grains. Furthermore, the diet permits the consumption of all types of green vegetables. Additionally, fruits, especially berries, are strongly advised. However, there are certain foods that are strictly prohibited from eating while following GOLO, such as refined foods, processed food, sugar additives, sweeteners, etc.


  • Launching year: 2016
  • Made in: USA
  • Contact: 1-800-730-4656
  • Mail id:
  • Monthly charges: 0

Have a look at the pros and cons of GOLO prior to getting an idea of GOLO Reviews and Complaints


  • Zero monthly charges
  • No auto billing
  • No auto shipping
  • Free facilities for GOLO subscribers
  • Several health benefits
  • 2-month refund policy
  • BBB rating of A+


  • Lack of scientific data
  • Need to take supplements
  • Very slow or no progress
  • Many registered complaints against the diet plan
  • High price

Doctors’ Reviews

A major aspect of GOLO Reviews and Complaints is the reviews given by doctors. A proven scientific record backed by doctors helps build your confidence and trust in a new product or medication. Unfortunately, in the case of GOLO, while a lot of doctors have supported this plan many dieticians and medical experts have discouraged the same. 

Reputed doctors, including Dr. Jeffrey Kotzen, Dr. Ina de Beer, Dr. Greg Adams, Dr. Jack van Niftrik, Dr. Paul, and Dr. Robert J. Buynak, have stated that The GOLO strategy has encouraged their patients to make significant lifestyle changes while achieving substantial clinical outcomes. They have also commented that they wholeheartedly endorse the GOLO initiative and are eager to keep spreading the word about it among medical professionals. 


However, many doctors, including Dr. Nishant Rao, believe that there could be more beneficial plans for weight reduction than that GOLO. Dr. Jampolis says that the users must not think that a product is harmless because it is organic. 

Other doctors also say that there might be a risk of drug interference. However, most doctors reluctant to prescribe this plan or pill to their patients are dissatisfied with the amount of scientific research/data regarding GOLO.

What are the customers’ GOLO reviews and complaints?


GOLO claims to have more than 2 million customers who are 100% satisfied and happy with their plan and product. We also found out through their website that they have a customer satisfaction rating of about 98%. Most of the review websites have rated it between 3 to 5 stars. A lot of customers have said that they feel 10-15 years younger than their current age. 

Most users have stated that GOLO worked great for them, and they are noticing significant changes. Many have given feedback that they saw a specific decrease in their hunger and cravings after taking release pills and following the diet plan. Some also claim that this diet helped them manage their BP. Every 6-7 out of 10 people have recommended GOLO. 



We know that there are two sides to a coin. While researching customer reviews, we also found several complaints. Plus, according to a Forbes Health magazine article, there isn’t any conclusive proof that GOLO is more helpful in weight reduction as compared to other diets.

Amazon’s review revealed that almost 21% of customers had rated it 1 star and 5% 2 stars. The complaints have come from users who haven’t noticed any change in their weight even after following the GOLO diet for 3 months. These people believe that it’s a complete waste of money. 

Many users have also complained that they didn’t see any hunger/craving suppression after taking the pills. We also came across some comments that said the diet plan makes the weight reduction just like any other diet regimen rather than the release pill. Some customers have complained about a blood sugar hike after taking the supplement.

People have also expressed concerns about their bad return policy. Likewise, a lot of users have complained that they had some significant side effects, including exhaustion, nausea, stomach ache, etc. As a result, numerous people are still skeptical about this product and wouldn’t recommend it. 


GOLO emphasizes controlling hormone imbalances via supplements, workouts, and adequate nutrition. However, it is always safer to consult your doctor before trying out any new health plan or medication. There isn’t any proof that GOLO is more beneficial for weight reduction than the others available in the market. Plus, a lot more research is required on it. Nevertheless, numerous doctors have stated that the items in the “release” pill are safe to consume. We hope you found “GOLO Reviews and Complaints” helpful.


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