Groupme iPad Giveaway Scam -Things You Don’t Know 2023

Groupme iPad Giveaway Scam>> What it is and why it is on trend topics nowadays, is Groupme offering giveaways of iPad? Find out all your answer in this post.

A recent fake message on the Groupme messaging app of the United States has surfaced on the internet and shocked everyone with its content. This kind of fake-promising content can be seen almost everywhere – from newspapers to websites, but this time, it has entered into the messaging world, and people generally tend to believe it.

What is Groupme?

Groupme messaging app, created by a private company Groupme in 2010 and owned by Microsoft, is a mobile group messaging app where you can share messages with your friends, send money, and interact with other users without sharing their mobile numbers or email ids, all of this without any fee. According to its official website, this app currently uses United States-based numbers.

What is Groupme iPad Giveaway Scam?

This famous app is now in everyone’s eyes because of a fake message that claims to have organized a Giveaway of iPad and congratulates its users for winning one. By clicking on the given link in the message, the user is redirected to the fake website of the scammers. 

The users, who have clicked on the link for obtaining detailed information of their prize as the recipients, are now the Scam victims. 

How did the giveaway get identified as a scam?

After the testing of the website, it has been found out that the fake message was generated and circulated by online scammers on the app. The users who got redirected to the website to claim their prize might have also run the risk of giving away their personal information to the scammers due to one click on the fake and unverified link.


By sending the following message with this attractive word – ‘FREE,’ the online scammers tricked the users into falling into their trap.

‘Congratulations! You have won a FREE IPAD. Claim now!’

User base of Groupme app

About this digital-messaging application, the statistics show that it is now available in 500 countries. The Groupme iPad Giveaway Scam is now known to almost all its users as the fake message left everybody in shock, especially the users who later became their victims.


The information about this application available on its website states that ‘every text message sent to or received from a GroupMe number will count as an international text message sent to or received from the United States.’ 

How can the users protect themselves?

After this scam, the users of the Groupme application have now been asked to delete this message from their devices for the safety of their data and privacy.

This fake message of Groupme iPad Giveaway Scam has alerted the users of this application to be more careful by not trusting such luring messages and verifying these kinds of suspicious messages to avoid leakage of personal information to the hackers and online scammers.

Final verdict


By writing this article and sharing the information with the audience, we want our readers to beware of such fake messages from unverifiable contacts and websites and not become victims of these scammers. We want to alert you about such scams in the future and thus protect your privacy and personal information.

If you receive this kind of message, delete it and block the source right away. If you see the same on a website or in the form of an advertisement on any social media platforms, do not click on it and immediately block it or refresh the source.

Leave a reaction and ask us a question in the comment section. Do not forget to share what you think about the scam and its additional information down below!


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