Hair by Chrissy Reviews

Know about Hair by Chrissy reviews, also find out whether it is a legit store or not? >> also know what the customers are saying about it.

Many developed countries like to keep and maintain their hair to a certain standard as they think are suitable and trendy among their community. There are many salons which are famous in the big cities where people visit for that purpose. We are going to talk about one such salon called Hair by Chrissy and discuss Hair by Chrissy Reviews.

People, especially those who are more into the latest fashions, like to change their hairstyle frequently from time to time. Hair by Chrissy salon has become known for its latest hair techniques and changing hair’s appearance according to the customer’s need. They are specialized in braid styling as well. Several people take appointments from Chrissy Stojan.

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What is Hair by Chrissy?

Hair by Chrissy is a salon situated in the state of Arizona, USA. The business seems to be running for many years now. They offer services like haircuts, hair extensions, changing the hair colors preferred by the customers, highlights, etc. The benefits are there for both women and men. 

They also have a separate page on education for hair treatments where people can join to learn about how to manage hair and different styles and haircuts. Many people from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom have visited this salon because of its popularity. We will add information about Hair by Chrissy Reviews further in this article.


  • Physical address – 4331 E Baseline Road, Gilbert, Arizona 85234, USA
  • Email – Not mentioned
  • Customer care number – +1-480-461-9425
  • Category of the website – It is a hair salon website that offers services to both women and men.
  • Appointment – One can book an appointment over the phone; there is another phone number through which customers can book Chrissy’s appointment, who is the leading stylist of the salon.

Pros of Hair by Chrissy

  • Some of the customers have appreciated the work done by certain people from the salon.
  • The salon seems to be very famous as people visit there from various other states and other countries.
  • The business is active and very popular across the country.
  • They are recognized on Instagram and other social platforms.

Cons of Hair by Chrissy

  • The charge of treatments is very costly compared to other salons.
  • Many people have given negative reviews about their experience with the salon.
  • They are not following the required protocol of the pandemic during their service.

What are the customer’s saying about Hair by Chrissy?

When looking at the Hair by Chrissy Reviews on Facebook and social pages on the internet, many people do not recommend that place because they say that the owner doesn’t care if the customer is an ordinary person, a blogger or famous. 

They say that Chrissy only cares about money, and one has to wait for very long for their appointment.

Many people are not satisfied with the work Chrissy does with their hair; they say that their hair got ruined, and they didn’t get the outcome they expected after paying a lot of money. Some people even flew to the place from far for their appointment and got disappointed with the service. 

The customer service also wasn’t people-friendly. Also, recently they are not taking precautions like wearing masks, which is very important during this pandemic, and thus people are not happy and are afraid to visit this place. They are not recommending this salon to people for their hair treatments.


This article was written to discuss Hair by Chrissy Reviews and talk about the Hair by Chrissy and its kind of services. If someone can add more information about this business and website, they can share their experience and thoughts in the comment section.

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