Hairitage Hair Products Reviews by 50+ Users [NOV-2022]

Today we’ll be going into the depth of Hairitage Hair Products Reviews. We have received several feedback which shows its benefit. But what are its cons, do read below.

If you’re someone who loves to experiment with their hair and try various hair products now and then, you must have come across Hairitage brand’s hair products. The response it has been getting from the users is excellent. Let us find out more about this unique hair brand.

What are Hairitage Hair Products?

Before we jump onto Hairitage Hair Products Reviews, let us first know about this brand and its products. The owner of this brand is Mindy McKnight. She is a YouTuber alongside handling this business. Her YouTube channel is Cute Girls Hairstyles, which is immensely loved by people globally. 

Mindy launched Hairitage in 2020, after which she has manufactured several other new hair care products that have been effective for various hair types. The brand uses the renewing and repairing qualities of natural substances for intense nourishing and diverse styling. Hairitage products are vegan and aren’t animal-tested. 

Mindy mainly uses her social media popularity and presence to draw inspiration and generate precisely what her target audience demands. You’re not required to spend a fortune to have high-quality hair care because each item in hairitage’s catalog has a suggested retail price of $7.94.Moreover, it is readily available at Walmart. 

The list of hair care products offered by Hairitage is as follows:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair spray
  • Hair refresher
  • Protectant spray
  • Scalp exfoliator
  • Rice water hair rinse
  • Protein treatment
  • Split end cream
  • Dry shampoo
  • Dry conditioner
  • Volume mousse
  • Enhancing foam
  • Texturizing spray


  • Owner: Mindy McKnight
  • Contact: 1-855-258-4944
  • Email Id: info(at)
  • Social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
  • Retail price: $7,94
  • Instagram handle: @hairitagebymindy

Now before reading about Hairitage Hair Products Reviews, you must know the pros and cons of the product:


  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • A broad range of products
  • Products according to all types of hair 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Eco-friendly products


  • Pumps can’t be recycled.

Hairitage Hair Products Reviews

When we hear from customers about their previous buying experiences, we get to know if the product is serving its given purpose. Plus, customer reviews are extremely important for sensitive parts like skin or hair. 

Hence, we did thorough research on several sites concerning Quora, Amazon, and Reddit Hairitage reviews to let you know the efficiency of this product. About 80% of the users have rated it 4.5 to 5 stars.

Most individuals adore how silky and tidy their hair feels. The product’s fragrance is lovely and seems to last long. 

Another half of the target audience is pleased with the products being 100% eco/animal friendly. One particular thing that the users love about these products is that it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

The Hairitage hair mask reviews revealed that it was 100% effective for all users. The customers loved the consistency of the hair mask. They even liked that this hair mask helped detangle and hydrate their hair. Almost all of the customers gave it 4 to 5 stars. 

However, the Hairitage shampoo review was a bit on the opposing side. The customers advised that if you use Hairitage shampoo for oily hair, you might want to avoid it as the users have commented that it weighs down your tresses.

While going through the Hairitage purple shampoo reviews, we encountered several positive feedback and various sites. It was rated 5 stars on almost every other review site. Additionally, we also did some research on the Hairitage protein treatment reviews. 

The customers feel that it is a boon for damaged hair. They noticed an immediate difference in their hair after using this product just once. Every user who’s tried this protein treatment says that it makes their hair super shiny, soft, and light.


All Hairitage products are healthy, made with organically developed formulae, and devoid of harmful chemicals like phthalates, gluten, parabens, aluminum, sulfates, and mineral oil. Additionally, being super pocket-friendly, it is 100% vegan and free from animal-tested procedures. 

So, switching to Hairitage for your hair care routine would be a good decision. We hope you found this article- Hairitage Hair Products Reviews – informative and helpful. 


Is Hairitage a good hair product?

After going through numerous Hairitage Hair Products Reviews, we assure you that Hairitage is a good hair product. The customers love it as it is vegan and made of all-natural ingredients. Additionally, it is showing great results, as many users said. Moreover, the environmentalists love it because it is 100% cruelty-free too.

Is Hairitage by Mindy good for curly hair?

Yes, Hairitage by Mindy works wonders for all hair types, including curly hair. Some hair products formulated explicitly by Mindy for curly hair are:

  • Outta My Hair Gentle Daily Shampoo
  • Double Down Conditioning Wash Shampoo
  • Hairitage Curl Creme

Is Hairitage good for colored hair?

Yes, Hairitage is excellent for colored hair because the brand prioritizes the safety of colored hair. Moreover, it doesn’t remove the color of your hair.

Does Hairitage have sulfates?

The products from Hairitage are 100% free from any harmful substance, including sulfates. Moreover, all of the products are made from natural components. Furthermore, they are 100% vegan and are not animal-tested.

Does Hairitage shampoo have DMDM?

The whole catalog from Hairitage, including its shampoo, is entirely formulated from natural ingredients. It does not contain a single ounce of harmful chemicals in any of its products, let alone DMDM.

Does Hairitage shampoo cause hair loss?

No, the Hairitage shampoo doesn’t cause hair loss. A lot of customers have given positive feedback on this shampoo. They love this product and recommend it to everyone. 

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