How to Catch Someone Cheating Through Text

How to Catch Someone Cheating Through Text


If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, you are probably heartbroken. However, you do not want to accuse them or make any harsh decision until you’re 100% sure that your suspicions are true. Therefore, you start wondering how to catch someone cheating through text. Well, we have the best solution for you, so keep on reading.

Signs That Should Make You Suspicious

Telling whether your spouse is cheating on you or not can be extremely difficult, especially if they are doing their best to hide it. However, there may still be signs that give it away. Signs will become more obvious when your partner has been cheating for a longer time. No wonder why you’re searching how to see incognito history on Android or iPhone, phone call, etc.

Now, while the signs of an unfaithful partner will be different from one relationship to another, there are still some common ones that will show you the truth. On top of that, the fact that you have suspicions and have a gut feeling about it should tell you something.


Here are some common signs indicating that a spouse is cheating:

  • It may be very hard to reach them
  • All of a sudden, they start spending more money than normal
  • When you ask them questions, they get very defensive and possibly say that you are crazy for being so suspicious
  • They don’t let you see their phone, taking it with them everywhere or conveniently “forgetting” it in the car overnight
  • Their schedule suddenly changes a lot
  • You see strange activity on their credit card, such as charges for dating sites, flowers, and meals that are not work-related
  • Their habits and interests suddenly change, and they start spending more time improving their appearance

How Do You Know for Sure?

If all you have are suspicions, but you’ve never seen anything, you probably don’t feel comfortable confronting your spouse or ending the relationship. Well, there is a way to learn for sure if your spouse is unfaithful. You can use a cheating text app like eyeZy.

eyeZy has a lot of catch a cheater’s text message features to help you make a decision regarding your marriage. Here is what eyeZy can offer:

  1. GPS Location Tracking – This feature is great to see where your spouse is all the time and whether they are somewhere they are not supposed to be.
  2. Message Reading – You can check your spouse’s texts from their phone or social media chats. eyeZy can monitor Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, and many other apps.
  3. Keyword Alerts – It sends you a notification if your target is searching for cinemas or restaurant recommendations, for example, but never invites you there.
  4. Application Blocking – It lets you block dating apps.
  5. Access to Device Information – You will always know the status of the spouse’s device, such as whether the battery is drained or not.
  6. Multimedia File Monitoring – This feature allows you to see what pictures or videos someone sends with another person, so you can see if your spouse is sending or receiving inappropriate pictures.

Other Methods You Can Use for Monitoring on Spouse’s Text Messages


You do not necessarily need an app to start monitoring your spouse’s text messages. In fact, there are other methods you can use if you want to learn what your spouse is doing behind your back. However, these might be riskier and might not work that well as the app.

Still, here are some things you can do:

  • Catfish Your Partner

This method may be convenient if you want to see whether your spouse would be willing to cheat. You can message your partner as someone else by creating a new email or social media profile.


It is a risky method, though, because if your spouse finds out, the situation could get worse for both of you.

  • Take Their Device

Tell your partner your phone died, and you need their phone to see something. Use this opportunity to scroll through their phone messages or calls quickly. However, bear in mind that if they find out you’re doing this, they will be mad at you.

  • Try Recovering Deleted Texts

Many cheating partners delete their text messages so their spouse doesn’t find out. If you see several deleted messages on your spouse’s phone, you can try recovering them. This is possible if they were included in a cloud storage backup or if you use a paid app for recovery.


Still, if your partner discovers this, they will not be happy, and things could escalate.


When you want to catch your spouse cheating through text, you can either use the traditional way of taking their phone or you can use a cheating spouse text reader app. Use the right method based on your situation, and you will know what to do next. Make sure to prepare yourself emotionally before doing it, though.

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