How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm?

How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm? Hurry read this full article because we know what you are looking for, get the trick, cheat the bot and earn Avenger medal guaranteed?

Looking for How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm? This informative article is for you because we will tell you all about CODM and how you can get the Avenger medal. After all, millions of COD fans are searching for it. Still, due to confusing information available over the internet, they are getting misguided.



Getting the medal is a challenging task, and that is why fans from the Philippines, India, untied States, and others are searching for it. And this trending query is becoming one of the hot searches on google. So, let’s discuss more it and find out how to get the Avenger medal.

What is CODM?


Before proceeding, it is necessary to know what COD is; most of you might be aware of the world-famous video game “Call of the Duty” PC version. Now the company has launched its mobile version in 2019, which is famously known as CODM. It is available for both IOS and Android platforms which can be download for free.

Based on different tasks and hurdles, a player will encounter various challenges like upgrading the suit, weapons, and armors as the difficulty level increases. From time to time, the developers keep updating the challenges, perks, and benefits to increase engagement. Like Avenger medal and “How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm? We will tell you; please continue reading.

How to Earn Avenger Medal In Codm?


It is not as simple as that, but there are some loopholes which you can try to get the Avenger medal. As the Avengers stands for unity and the bond, you have to show loyalty for your teammates to get the medal like:

  • As per the information, you will get to win a total of 85 Avenger medals during your gameplay
  • Half of it you can earn by playing in multiplayer mode with your mates online
  • To grab the medal, try to kill that opponent who killed your team member and take revenge. It will accomplish the mission to reward you from Avenger medal
  • The loophole we were talking about is the Deathmatch by which you can earn the other medals during this event matches.

Task you have to perform to win the medal:

  • Brutal – Kill 25 enemies without dying.
  • Relentless – Kill 20 enemies without dying.
  • Ruthless – Kill 15 enemies without dying.
  • Merciless – Kill ten enemies without dying.
  • Bloodthirsty – Kill five enemies without dying.
  • Berserker – Kill three enemies without dying.
  • Super Kill – Kill six enemies within a short time of one another.
  • Frenzy Kill – Kill five enemies within a short time of one another.


  • Nuclear Killer – Use a Nuclear Bomb to kill enemies.
  • Ultimate Terminator – Activate the Nuclear Bomb.



We hope you liked our work and came to know about How to Earn Avenger Medal In Codm. We conclude that there is no mod app available so that you can break the fair mean of playing to get the Avenger code.

We are searching for it and will update soon as we get it; till then, please share your thoughts and tricks in the comments section.


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