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The majority of people in the United States rely on wholesale stores for their basic everyday needs. However, with the availability of numerous such brands and multiple chains across the country, it becomes very difficult to choose one reliable store for all your needs.

Here we will be reviewing one such brand that has been excelling in this field of business for 95 years now. They have created a strong brand and huge customer base. Please continue reading to know more about the specifications, customer reviews, legitimacy, and our take on the brand.


What is Supervalu?

Supervalu, Inc. is is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI). It is headquartered in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and is an American wholesaler and retailer dealing in grocery products, pharmacies, and food. They have been in business since 1926 and operate a huge chain of supermarkets and wholesale stores across the United States.

UNFI is a leading brand in the grocery industry. It is very well known for its premium quality wholesale food and meat, gourmet food products, and ethnic and fresh grocery items. Keep reading to know more about https// 


  • Contact Address – The contact address that we found on our research is PO Box 990 Minneapolis, MN 55440 United States. 
  • Customer Care Number – The customer care number provided on the website is 1-877-932-7948.
  • Email Address – This information has not been provided on their website.
  • Payment Method – This is a free website where there is no subscription fee.
  • Category of the Website – The website customer staples, wholesale grocery products, and retail.
  • Availability in Countries – The services of this wholesale giant are available only in the United States
  • Web address – 

What is the Review by the customer?

We did a meticulous investigation on their entire website https//, and they have no customer review section available. When we examined the multiple open platforms, we found they were loaded with a mixed response. 

We collected the possible data to calculate its trust score. On the interpretation, we found that 38% of users rated the website excellent, 19% rated it great, and another 6% rated it poorly. An equal majority of 38 % rated it bad. 


This data has been achieved entirely based on user acknowledgments received on open platforms. For example, several users have complained about delayed deliveries and the inability to place orders during the pandemic. At the same time, several other users have raved about the food quality they offer and praised the staff and customer representatives.

The services availed by customers are subject to which store they visit. However, the overall brand strives to provide excellent customer satisfactory services, and some stand-alone negative cases are always reported.

Is https// legit or not?

When we tried loading the web address, it asked us for the username and password to the portal/pharmacy/IDM/ Windows. It was a restricted website and was solely used and accessed by the employees of the UNFI, subsidiaries, and other authorized members. The website was secured by the username and the password of the employees. 


Supervalu was founded in 1926, which means it has been in business for almost 95 years now. It is a very popular, well-known wholesale and retail brand. There is no doubt about its legitimacy. It is the top brand in this line of business and the primary choice of consumers as it is a one-stop solution for all needs.


They are a trustworthy wholesale chain with multiple stores available across all major cities in the United States. However, every store may have different user sentiments based on the services they provide. Therefore, it is always advisable to do a background search on their previous records and go through their return, exchange policies, and terms and conditions. 

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