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What if your kid misbehaves, quarrels with you for no reason? Most probably, you will react without knowing the real reason. This article will cover that part of the human phycology and parallel talk about the Innersloth parent portal. It is essential to identify the symptoms of that particular reaction by a kid, which is not appropriate.

From the research on this topic, we found several concerns from parents over social media and other platforms of the United States. The concern is for online video games, which are at a peak in the past few years. From the concern, we noted the worries from parents for their children’s anger issues and misbehaviors.

What is the Innersloth parent portal?


For those who are all unaware of Innersloth, we would like to acknowledge that it is a gaming company that created “Among us,” an online video game. Millions of players play this game online, and the number of users is increasing daily.

It is not like they created some abusive thing that will give the wrong impression over your children, but it might be possible that continuous spending long hours playing this game might make your kid stubborn. But it is not with this game specifically but with all.


We have seen that kids or teenagers spend more than 10 hours daily playing an online video game, their emotional and social attachment decreases day by day. The family moment and spending some quality time is nowadays is like a one day. But the developers are well aware of this, and they also make aware this that’s is the reason they put some age bar to play the game created Innersloth parent portal.

What can you do to avoid such issues?

There are few ways which being a parent can do to avoid such issues like:

  • Avoid using regularly and repeatedly the same game.
  • Spent some quality time with kids and tried to distract them with some outdoor games or similar stuff
  • Keep a close look over your kids if he is submitted any confidential information or not. You can contact them immediately.

Essential points for parents


It is often seen and heard that kids spend thousands of dollars in-game or ordered related stuff, which cost them. For that Innersloth parent, the portal is having some related info like:

  • Avoid allowing using your credit card to children for games; if they are using, confirm that it must be at your present.
  • Always teach them not to put personal details like bank information or any confidential details in any game. 
  • You could contact the Innersloth team if your kid submitted some personal data. The contact info is given in the below section.

Contact Details

  • General Inquiries:
  • Support, Feedback, Bug Reports:
  • Press, Media, Marketing, Influencer Inquiries:
  • Business/Licensing Inquiries:
  • Merchandising Inquiries:
  • Report Unlicensed/Unofficial Merch:
  • Adress: Innersloth, PO Box 2532, Redmond, WA 98073


In the end, we want to conclude that always read the parental guidance and not submit any personal data ever to any online portal without any concern. By the way, Innersloth is a legit company, and they are very strict with their privacy policy. They also support parental guidance and open to contact.


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