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Cover your face and protect from any virus read Insta Shield Reviews >> Also read what the customers are saying about this?

Face shields or face masks have become a necessity for us since the pandemic is still gripping us, and we need to control the spread of the virus. We will discuss Insta Shield Reviews in this article so that you can understand this face shield and the protection that it provides since we are in constant fear due to the pandemic.


Face shields were designed for workers in construction or other industries and non-medical uses but knew they are used to prevent the spread of the virus in the United States and other parts of the world. Many people find face shields more comfortable as they cannot breathe properly while wearing face masks. Also, the communication is better with shields than with face masks as your face is visible.

Insta Face shield: an Overview

Insta face shields are made of clear plastic covering the face from the forehead to the neck and ears. It is a protective face shield that fits your baseball cap and can be easily adapted to your face. These shields can block direct contact with respiratory droplets in the three main areas: eyes, nose, and mouth. They also prevent the user from touching their eyes.


Insta face shield by InstaShield LLC was co-founded by Dan Brown and his father and is determined to provide quality shields for both medical professionals and the regular public. These face shields are durable, can be cleaned after use and reused repeatedly.

Specifications of this Product under Insta Shield Reviews are:

  • Website –
  • Product type – Face shields
  • E-mail –
  • Price – 3.99 dollars per shield available in packs of 5, 10, or 100. 
  • Available in – Kid and Adult Sizes 
  • Payment – It allows all methods of payment
  • Material – Recyclable PET plastic
  • Delivery: It can take up to 10 days for a standard order to be delivered. 
  • Shipping Charges – In the United States, the standard shipping charges are 6.99 dollars for a regular five-pack of shields.
  • Returns and Refunds: There are no returns due to safety reasons.

 Pros of using this product: 

  • This face shield is comfortable to wear, even for a more extended period of time, and does not cause any problem to the user.
  • Insta shield reviews cover that they offer a one for one donation program, which means that for every one shield that the user purchases, the org. Donates a face shield until it reaches the one million mark.
  • It is made 100% in the U.S and is environment friendly, which means you can reuse the face shields repeatedly.   

Cons of using this product:

  • Most people believe that the face shield, when used alone without a face mask, does not provide proper safety but offers excellent protection when used with a face mask.
  • Many brands make face shields and have the same purpose and design, making it difficult for the product to stand out.

Insta Face shields: Is it Legit or not

The pandemic and the spread of the virus has made it mandatory for us to use products such as face shields. Under Insta Shield Reviews, we talked about the various features of the product. When it comes to the product’s legitimacy, the company makes a lot of donations and is actively engaged in providing its services. 



There is also a lot you can read about them in their news section on the website, which speaks about the genuineness of the product, however, there is a lack of good customer care support.  

Customer Reviews about the product:


There are not many customer reviews that we could find on the Insta face shields. However, a few videos explain the product and its positive experience, and the product serves its purpose well. They also have a good presence on social media, which makes it reachable to customers.


The face shields can protect the user from various dust and other particles in the air, and Insta face shields are available at an affordable price that can also be used multiple times. However, these shields’ ability against the virus without any masks is still a topic of debate, and we would suggest a thorough study before buying them.

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