is Aero Trainer Legit or Not

In this article you will get to know about the Aero trainer is it working or not >> also know whether it is Aero trainer legit or not.

It is always not possible for people to shape their bodies in the environment of a gymnasium because for many reasons be that of schedule, money, etc. and now more than ever because of the pandemic, they can’t visit the gymnasium as they used to before; especially people whose schedule included working out in a gym every day. Let know whether it is aero trainer legit or not.


Their options now include working out in their own house with the help of some training products. We will talk about one such product called Aero trainer, and some of the aero trainer reviews in this article. Let us know what the deal that consumers want to know is.

About Aero trainer 

A team developed an aero trainer from GOLO from the United States, a health website; their products help reduce weight, especially for diabetes and other significant ailments.

They have had a plan called GOLO for a life plan for more than eight years now. The same team has come up with an aero trainer to make it possible that obesity goes away faster among the same people. 


It is a product that helps to do fitness exercises to increase flexibility, build strength, and reduce tension. In the process, it provides a healthy lifestyle for people without going outside of their homes.

The trainer’s size after inflation is 40″ L * 37″ W and 23 H, it can hold a weight of 500 lbs, and the material used for the aero trainer is PVC. They have a section on their website titled workout videos to assist people with their exercises. Lets check whether is Aero Trainer Legit or Not in the below section.


  • Physical address – 258 Chapman Road, Suite 202, Newark, DE 19702
  • Email address –
  • Customer care number – 1-800 -799-5838
  • Category of the site – It is a website that sells a training product to be used at home called aero trainer and offers a life plan from GOLO and the product to make weight loss easier for people.
  • Payment method – They accept all major credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.
  • Delivery time – Orders are delivered in 2 to 7 days.
  • Order cancellation – No information is there on the website on this.
  • Refund – They offer a 60-day guarantee of refund from the date of purchase.
  • Shipping method – No exact shipping method is mentioned.
  • Warranty – There is a 1-year warranty on the product if it gets torn or damaged.

Pros of Aero trainer

  • They offer free priority handling, processing, shipping, and one can save up to $20.
  • No interest or fees will be added if one pays the amount in installments.
  • One can expect a puncture patch kit, electric pump, GOLO for life plan, and a guide for instructions along with the product.
  • The PVC material, out of which the product is made has passed the tests to be used safely.
  • One can wash Aero trainer with soap and washcloth so that multiple persons can use the product.

Cons of Aero trainer

  • Their product is not available on amazon or in retail.
  • Since it is an inflatable product, it is at risk of getting damaged by sharp contact.

Is the website legal?


There are many reasons to answer the question is aero trainer legit or not in a positive way because the product is affiliated with a health company on the market for more than eight years now. Also, since it has gone through tests to prove whether the material is safe or not, and has passed them, it can be trusted.

After doing some security checks, it looks like the site is registered since 2006 and, thus, the product has been here for a long. Therefore, it is a legit website.

Customer’s opinion about Aero trainer?

The customers are happy after using the trainer. Some of the consumers’ feedback says that they feel good about their joints, and the muscles get stretched, which is required from a fitness product. Moreover, they like the design, and also people who experience back pain have been benefited by doing some particular exercises.



We can answer yes to the thought of whether is aero trainer legit or not after checking various points and looking at aero trainer reviews from customers. The company continues to sell its product in the United States.

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or want to share your thoughts, please share the comment section.

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