Is Branded Surveys Legit Or Not ? – User experiences (2022)

What do you think “Is branded surveys legit”? The survey claims to offer various benefits like real cash, offers and discounts. Check out the user reviews on it.

Most of us want to earn extra income, especially homemakers and students, to bear out our expenses. Still, it is unfortunate that we waste our time surfing the internet or playing games online. If you are curious about a platform that can offer you an income, read our article in depth.

But before going with this website, we need to check the legitimacy process, user’s reviews, how it works for you, and many more things.

About Branded surveys


It is an online platform based in California that helps people earn money by doing tasks like market research, filling out forms, and giving reviews on products. It was founded in 2012 and acquired a good place in the market. 

Nowadays, companies around the world, including the United States, are doing marketing research to get the proper customer opinions about the products that they have launched so that they can come up with the improved areas where they are lacking. 

The companies get the right platform branded surveys online platform is designed so that the companies get the accurate picture of their product and won’t repeat the same mistakes. Further, we will check whether it is branded surveys legit.

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Methods to earn?


Many methods help you earn from this platform, like polls, surveys, and elite programs.

First, create an account on this platform by going to the “sign up” option. It asks you for some details like your name, date of birth, gender, etc., and enter the details. 

After discussing these methods for income generation, we will proceed to is branded surveys legit section.

When you complete this process, the next step is to log in with your account by entering the username and password:

  • When you open the page, it offers you some surveys; complete them and submit them.
  • Under the daily poll method, go for completing the poll in a day and repeat this step for ten days continuously.
  • The following method is partner surveys third party websites offer you to perform varieties of tasks like answering questionnaires, doing surveys, etc., that help you to generate your income in a spare period.
  • Under the branded program, you can earn dollars in different ways. You can either go for a gold member, silver, or bronze member. Every member can earn a certain percentage according to their category. For example, a gold member can earn a 20% bonus, whereas a silver member can earn 15%, and a bronze member can get 9%. Moreover, referring to your friends is also an excellent option to generate income.

Is branded surveys legit?


If you spend your time doing some tasks, you need to research the specific company so that you won’t waste your time and energy. 

But don’t worry, we have done your work easy as we have done fundamental research on this company and came to the conclusion yes, you can go for this one because of the following reasons mentioned below:

  • Customer reviews: Excellent reviews by the users of the United States.
  • Rating: Received a 4.3 rating out of 5.
  • Social media presence: The company has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.
  • SSL Encryption: The company uses SSL encryption which means your data entered on this platform is safe and secured.
  • Domain age: The company was ancient and 11 years old.

What are the customer reviews on branded surveys?

Is branded surveys legit? People have spent their time doing surveys on this website, and we have collected various opinions from them regarding this beautiful website. 

Finally, we have found the customers are pleased with the surveys provided by this company as they are more valuable and helpful in generating the income.


Some people comment that” This is a reliable website as it pays you on time, is user-friendly, and has excellent customer service. They are finding a lot of fun while doing the surveys on this website.”

Hence, the people have given them a 4.3 rating out of 5, which is considered excellent.


This is all for today! We hope the article will help you to understand is branded surveys legit? We have come across crucial factors like the company’s social media presence and excellent customer reviews that strongly indicate that the company is legal.

Have you made extra income while doing surveys on this platform? If yes, share your experience with us in the comment section.


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