Is bxirt legit

Are you having a few doubts regarding is bxirt legit? Then you will get the honest answer in this article. Checking the legitimacy of any site we choose to purchase is an essential aspect of buying things online. Unfortunately, because online marketing is overgrowing, fraud companies and websites are also growing simultaneously.

Even in the United Kingdom, it is very evident that so many fake businesses promise to deliver things from their website. But in reality, they intend to steal your money very intelligently. So, to not fall into the trap of this fraud website, we need to know the genuineness of this site called bxirt. 

Let us see about its specifications, website policies, which we cross-check the legitimacy points. If you are looking to know the same, then proceed to read till the end.

What is bxirt?

Bxirt is an online business initiated in 2021 by a person, namely Chuck. This website sells handmade wreaths and a few types of home decors. The website also specifies selling garden decors and Halloween decors. 

As mentioned on the website, the creator was a fashion designer and had a small group of people who help him making unique and beautiful designs needed for a grand home. They make Garlands, all types of wreaths, Hangings, dream catchers, and also glass decors.

Let us see the particulars of this site, and then we will discuss the reviews and see is bxirt legit?


  • categories of items that the site sells: Wreaths, Floral designs, Flower garlands, Halloween glasses, garden, and home decors.
  • Their contact address: Beimac company limited. 6-9, The Square, Stockley Park, Middlesex, U.K.
  • Link to their official website: 
  • Their contact number: 12186267 
  • Email address:
  • Payment strategy: Payments are accepted when made through Paypal, Mastercard, or Debit card. 
  • Shipping strategies: They transport not only to parts of England but also to a few parts of the world. Means of transport are not specified, making it suspicious. 
  • The time it takes to convey its items: 7-14 workdays to finish delivery inside the country. It requires subsequent days dependent on the distance for different nations. 
  • Return and exchange policies: They accept returns for all the products, although the exchange option is unavailable. Returns are accepted before 30 days of order delivery.
  • Privacy strategy: They implement a strict policy on controlling and limiting access to your personal information.
  • Tracking techniques: Once your order is confirmed, you will be getting an email from which you can track the status of your order. It seems suspicious too.
  • Warranty: They give a 30 days warranty on all their product. Any damage or problem with the product is replaced or refunded.

Now, we will see the pros of buying before we see is bxirt legit?


  • Low prices: The company itself is the manufacturers; they sell their products at reasonable prices without charging extra.
  • Fast shipping: If opted for fat shipping, you can receive the product within twenty hours of order placement.
  • Free shipping available over orders with a price of $59.9.
  • Warranty is assured.
  • They only sell animal and environment-friendly products.
  • Their customer support works 24/7, intending to assist you anytime.


  • This website and the policies seem too good to be true, so we can’t find any cons for you. 

Is bxirt legit?

When checking about the legitimacy, we knew that all the images showcased were copied from the web. Also, the contact address is of another website, and the email address is too. 

Moreover, there are no social media pages in the name of this website. The trust score the website is holding is just 1%, which is an unsafe sign of revealing genuineness. Let us confirm the legit after seeing the reviews from customers.

What are the customer reviews?

As per our research and analysis on various identification points, our reviews say that this website is a big scam and untrustworthy. The webpage images are copied and not seems legit. All the reviews were negative and suggested to people that not to trust this site.

Final Verdict

Mentioning all the information of other websites as their own is a sign of a scam. So, if we need to answer about is bxirt legit? Then we should say that the website is not considered legit.

Social Media PresenceNo
Trust score1%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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