Is Credit Sesame Legit ? 100+ Customer Feedbacks 2022

Is credit sesame legit? The company offers services like finance, insurance and credit score updates. But is it a safe platform to share your details, lets find out?

Finding a website to manage your credit score can help you get more financially stable. This platform is a must-have for tracking your daily earnings and expenditure to balance your credit score.

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People of the United States heavily rely on bank services for various necessities. A good credit score can help you get more money and loan. In this article, we will discuss whether this website is worth subscribing to or not. Read further to know more.

What is credit sesame?

It is an online portal that allows various financial services. You can subscribe to them for daily credit-score updates and other services available for free. 

They allowed users to get a credit card and avail thousands of offers and discounts on new purchases. The platform lets you build a good credit score.


  • All the services are free of cost. If you are concerned about your privacy, you do not need to enter your bank account or credit card credentials.
  • They allow free users to find their Vantage score, which might not be as accurate as the lenders report.
  • One of the best features is that they will cover the insurance up to $1 million if you face any identity theft.
  • You need to provide some basic information for signup.
  • They provide many suggestions in offers for increasing your credit statistics.
  • The company makes revenue by advertising loans and other services from partner brands.
  • You can upgrade to a premium to get more services and accurate credit score prediction.

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How to signup?

Follow the guideline to create your profile on credit sesame. The website gets launched on any device with an active internet connection:

  • Go to your regular browser and look for
  • Then wait for some time to load the page completely.
  • You will find numerous offers and other information available on the homepage.
  • Please read it carefully to understand: Is credit sesame legit?
  • Now you will see a pop-up option for getting your free account.
  • Click on it, and you will get redirected to the application form.
  • There are three steps to it. 
  • Follow the prompts and give accurate information in the designated boxes.
  • Click on done!
  • Now, your profile got successfully created.


  • They do not charge you for essential services.
  • You can get $1million in insurance in case of any mishap like identity theft.
  • The website features good suggestions to increase credit statistics.


  • They exhibit VantageScore, and you might not get the same results from your lenders.
  • The premium membership does not provide any beneficial services.
  • The offers and recommendations get advertised from a limited number of partners in the United States.

Is credit sesame legit?

On researching the whole website, we found no skeptical aspect. You can download the app available for this platform on the Apple store and play store to keep an eye on all the activities in your bank account. The company featured in famous magazines like Forbes, CNBC, and The New York Times. 

All of their claims and policies are legitimate. They have partnered with some of the most trustable brands to provide offers and other services. BBB has accredited it with an A+ rank. The platform is secured from any malware or scam by Norton.


They have given all the social media links on the homepage for better engagement with the audience. You do not need to share any bank credentials, so getting scammed is no risk.

After a deep examination, we found that their services are good. But if you compare it with other similar websites. You will find many platforms providing better options.

Customer reviews on credit sesame?

The consumer ratings of this website is 3 out of 5 stars. There is a mixed response on open sources where some people think it is a service to increase your credit score without any charges. But others suggest that this is a scam to freeze your money.


To find: Is credit sesame legit? We came across multiple users who wanted to shut down the profile, but the website was not allowing them to do so. Some people were irritated by spamming messages and notifications from them. 

A positive aspect of this company was that they were resolving all the issues posted on the trust pilot. We will recommend our readers to go through these reviews and compare other similar websites before making any decision.


We cannot make any solid judgment for the question, Is credit sesame legit? There is a mixed response from the users, and the website same legit. The app has received a good rating on Play Store. Please compare and look into other options before subscribing.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.


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