Is Dimprice Legit Or Not ? What People Says [April -2022]

Is dimprice legit? This question has been worrying you for a while. Anyone who has an immense love for electronics and technical accessories can be made over this website. However, electronics and specialized accessories are never off-trending. Every time a new and upgraded version launches in the marketplace, the whole generation will be going mad over them.

This is a United Kingdom-based brand. We will reveal its pros, cons, customers’ responses, and other undiscovered facts. Whenever a new brand is launching in the marketplace, the brand comes along with any queries. And we will try to solve it to help you.

What is dimprice?

This online website offers thousands of electronic devices and essential accessories at an affordable price rate. There are thousands of Websites available which provide the same service, but you have to ensure is dimprice legit or not.

A detailed list of available products on dimprice;

  • Mobile phones.
  • Cameras.
  • Home essential electronics.
  • Office electronics.
  • Gadgets.
  • E-scooters.
  • Electronic accessories.
  • Camera accessories.


  • Category: Electronics selling e-commerce website.
  • Type of service: Online Website.
  • Pricings: The product ranges are $10.
  • Email: support(at)dimprice(dot)com.
  • URL: .dimprice (dot)com
  • Address: Suite 8 First Floor 85 Great Portland Street London, W1W 7LT, UK.
  • Contact number: +447395855020.
  • Refund Policy: The Website offers a 14-day refund after they receive the returned goods.
  • Return Policy: The platform gives a 14-days return on its damaged goods and cancellation on all its goods.
  • Plagiarism: The content of the portal does not look plagiarized in terms of goods and design.


  • The website has a wide range of unique electronic goods and accessories.
  • There is a discount on the website for each item.
  • The platform has a very good return and refund policy.
  • The platform ships to almost every country.
  • The portal also has a warranty on all its products.


  • There is no owner’s information given on this portal.
  • The prices are too good to be true on the platform on almost every product.
  • There are only card payment options on the products.
  • The policies are somewhat too good to be true.

Is dimprice legit?

According to our research, this website is suspicious, and we spot more drawbacks. We share some crucial points to make you aware of such things.

  • The portal was created on 29/05/2018, over two years.
  • The website is present in social media, including Facebook, Instagram.
  • The website provides several payment methods, including Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and many more, which is a positive fact.
  • The portal has a 40% trust score which is almost sufficient, but we mark it suspicious because we found various suspicious activities.
  • The portal does not contain any owner’s information.
  • The portal analyzes have proved high malware attacks due to the absence of metadata and specific countries it shipped.
  • Presently, the website has been partially recognized due to the absence of contact information.
  • The domain linked is chained to the countries being known for fraudulent E-Commerce portals.

What are the customer’s reviews on this website?

In our first round of research, we failed to get any reviews on is dimprice legit, but in the final round of research, we found tons of negative comments.

Alina said, 


“They are a fraudulent company which robbed your money and didn’t deliver anything to your doorsteps.”

Jack said,

 “The outer look of this platform is impressive, but the inner working process is a scam.”


Parameters Remarks
Trust score 40%
Social media presence Yes
SSL certificate Yes
Customer review Yes

As per our studies, we mark this website as a suspicious one and contains low trust points. Be aware of such website. If you still want to try this website, go with your safety concerns.

If you want to share anything related to is dimprice legit, let us know through the comment section. We would love to see your responses.


What to do if a damaged product arrives? 

Suppose you receive goods which are sealed but have been damaged on arrival, please. Sign the delivery note stating that the goods have arrived damaged. If the goods are incomplete or have a shortfall, you should notify them within three calendar days of receiving the goods.


What is faulty within Warranty? 

 If a product develops a fault within its warranty period, you are entitled to a repair, refund, or replacement at our discretion. Goods returned as faulty but with no fault found will be returned to the customer, and the customer will be responsible for the delivery fee.

How to Return Goods to them?

The quickest and easiest way to return goods is to contact us for a return request.


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