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Is legit or not? (20th May 2021) >> Eat. Sleep. Repeat. The world is currently revolving around these three dimensions, and the sleep segment seems to be crooked for most of us. Are you also struggling with the same? claims to know it all. 

People have started investing more in getting sound sleep. Some download applications for calming music, and some buy the perfect mattress. is a website registered in the United States that not only provides you reviews about various mattresses but helps you understand your sleeping patterns in a better way. 

They promise to make good on that investment. Let’s see if they can live up to the expectations or whether it is legit?

What is

This website from the United States has made an initiative to understand the different aspects of sleep. They’ve made a promise to help every individual connected to them get a good night’s sleep. They have writers, editors, sleep experts researching the subject and giving us a guide towards sleep health. 

They also have doctors and professionals on their expert board to help fact-check all the articles and verify them from a formal perspective before publishing. 


They’ve 6 sleep experts, 250+ scientific studies researched and 120+ products reviewed. So is legit? Let’s read the specifications to find out.


  • Contact Number– Not given, but they have a 24*7 inquiry portal to respond as quickly as possible.
  • Contact Address– Not provided on the website
  • Email Address–
  • Featured In– BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, RealSimple, Yahoo
  • Categories– Mattress Guide, Bedding Guide, Mattress Resources and Sleep Health
  • Special Features– Newsletter and Sleep Calculator.

Pros of

  • The website provides information regarding different types of mattresses and pillows.
  • They also help you to find which one is best for you.
  • They have a section of mattress resources where they help you to compare sizes.
  • They also have a section where they provide solutions to everyday mattress problems.
  • It is informative and well-researched.
  • Their help and inquiry system is available 24*7
  • Their articles about sleep health are pretty good and on point. They’re helpful and authentic.
  • They have Newsletter as well that helps you to stay connected.
  • They have a sleep calculator that helps you calculate how many hours you need to sleep in a day.

Cons of

  • After thoroughly going through the entire website, we couldn’t find anything particularly negative that would stand out.

Is legit or not?

Whenever we talk about online legitimacy, it becomes essential to verify it due to various online scams. Most buyers forget to check the vital details about the website, whether it is a legit platform or not, and started placing orders. Many shoppers forget to check the contact details, which is very important.

As per this website, its privacy policy is decent, and the website looks well-encrypted. There are no popping advertisements, and the website stands true to its claims. Even the articles are correctly checked, and the in-depth research is evident from the outlook of it. 


They even have an inquiry page where you can post your doubts, and they’ll revert within 24 hours. The trust index of this site was 86% which is good. They even got featured in BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, and Yahoo, which is an assurance in itself. 

What are customers’ reviews about

The customers seem pretty satisfied with the content provided. Some even participate in the Nap Reviews they hold and get paid between $50- $1500. There were some allegations about this being a hoax, but it all got cleared. 

The customers are excited to be a part of such a review in which they would “get paid to sleep.” This sounds like the ultimate dream. 



So is legit or not? I think we’ve all established that it is. The articles are genuine, and they connect with their readers. They’ve targeted such an area of the market that was untouched for so many years. 

Nobody even paid attention to something as trivial but essential as sleep. Their work in this field is commendable and has attracted an adequate response from the readers. One thing is for sure; if you’re having trouble sleeping, you can try this out.

Do let us know in the comments below what you think about this website. 


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