Is Extra Debit Card Legit

Is Extra debit card legit?  If you are looking for an answer to this question, Don’t worry!We are here to assist you. Extra debit can if you are someone who needs credit points and benefits but fears credit scores. It is essential to start creating it at the appropriate time. Better lenders offer better mortgage rates, lower rates of interest, and more. 

Please note that the annual charge is applicable. It gives cardholders a chance, like a credit card, to build their credit score and earning award points. This website is famous in the United States. To learn more about this website, please read the complete article.

What is Extra debit card?


The extra debit card helps create credit and award your purchase incentives. It’s the world’s first debit card to use, connect and acquire a balance-dependent spending limit by connecting your bank account. 

By the end of the month, Extra will finalize and record your purchases to the credit agencies as an appropriate credit payment. They are aimed at making credit building safer, intelligent, and accessible for everyone. 

Most importantly, Extra does not monitor your credit. The company has a great deal of potential and is extremely attractive to customers.


If you would like to know,is Extra debit card legit?, please keep reading


  • URL to apply- get(dot)extra(dot)app/
  • Press inquiries- press(at)
  • PARTNERSHIPS- partnerships(at)
  • Contact the Member Concierge press the ‘Member Concierge’ icon on the Extra App’s card tab.
  • Visit for help regarding Extra.
  • Two membership plans are available: Monthly and annual

To sign-up:

  • Age should be 18+
  • SSN or ITIN number is mandatory
  • An address where you can receive your Extra Card
  • A United States/Canadian bank account

Pros of Extra debit card

  • Safe approach to creating credit
  • Gain points of reward wherever
  • Solid debit rewards
  • No deposit is required
  • No interest or hidden fees
  • Impact on credit score
  • Earn Reward Points
  • During your travel internationally, foreign transactions may arise, but you will still get rewards.
  • FDIC insured.
  • Every purchase with your extra card receives a notification in real-time.
  • Charges 17% interest
  • You can type the name of your bank and check if it is compatible with Extra.
  • ‘Live Chat’ option is available
  • If the Issuing Bank reverses a transaction, the funds from that transaction will be returned to your Partner Account
  • Members reviews are available on their official website
  • They have built an app for the user’s ease.
  • Available on Instagram

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Cons of Extra debit card

  • Yearly fee:
Credit Building + Rewards: 9 USD/month 108 USD/year.
Building extra lines of credit: 7 $ per week 84 $ per year.
  • No introductory bonus or promotion is provided on this card.
  • Anywhere MasterCard is accepted, it could be used there.
  • It doesn’t check credit scores during the application process.
  • No Extra points can be earned on cash advances, transfers from person to person, or any other transactions which are not done using your Extra Card on the debit card network.

Is Extra debit card legit?

Debit cards often don’t give you anyplace, and you cannot build or create credit. However, Extra does much more than that. 


You may set up and track your credit and access Extra Shops with your most popular 25 percent discount annual plan. Get immediate benefits for every shopping. 

Get coffee, or even pay for phone systems on your account. Customer satisfaction is a crucial component, according to the company. 

We discovered customers were satisfied with their services and felt they valued the price after studying customer comments. We examined all the elements that define a business’s validity and can now react with confidence; YES! leg

What are customers’ reviews?


During the search, several reports emerged to let us fully understand this business. Customers’ reviews are available on their official website. 8/10 clients said they seemed to be impressed. The service and products of the company satisfied customers.


After looking at the pros, we found that nobody wants to lose out on this many advantages and benefits. This website is legitimate and advanced, with login information shown prominently on the homepage. Based on a thorough investigation, the website has high potential and will not deceive buyers with its products and services. 

Therefore, the website appears to be completely safe. We can confidently answer the question “Is Extra debit card legit?” and conclude that it is legitimate.


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