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Is Fashionphile Legit – Why to Not Choose it? 2023

In our latest article on whether is Fashionphile legit, we have researched and gathered many details you should know before preferring it. Fashionpile has received 4/5 ratings.

Many e-commerce stores sell accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, etc. We will see what this store has and what other features the customers can avail from this. We will see what are the pros and cons the users have by using this website, and we will see if there are any offers. This article shall also look into the website’s legitimacy and the reviews given by its users. So, let us begin.

What is is an online store that provides luxurious goods to customers at affordable costs. Started in 1999, this e-commerce store has a lot of products for its customers to offer like – 

  • Designers – here, you can shop for all types of designer products.
  • Bags – apart from regular bags, specialized bags for men are also available.
  • Accessories – different accessories ranging from hair products to pet accessories- are sold here.
  • Shoes – along with shoes, you can even buy sneakers, sandals, boots, etc.
  • Jewelry – all sorts of jewelry are available; you can even choose from top designers.
  • Watches – luxurious watches, fashion watches, or different watches can also be shopped by the customers.


  • Contact Number – 8446198902
  • Email id –
  • Locations – they have stores in different states; users can find their nearby store by clicking on ‘Find a location.’
  • Social Media – they are even available on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • Timings – the timings given on their website are 7 AM to 5 PM.
  • Discount – 10% off is given on select items, and the offer is valid until 8th August 2023.
  • Gift Cards – e-gift cards are also given, and the users can choose the amount.
  • Selling – the website offers the users even a selling option, where they are given the buyout offers before selling items.
  • Newsletter – customers can even subscribe to their newsletter, which you can find on the footboard.
  • Shipping – the product’s shipping takes 3 to 5 days, and all other essential information is provided in the shipping section.
  • Return Policy – according to their return policy, products can be returned within 15 days.
  • Influencer Program – you can even become an influencer, and 50$ bonus is paid on the first sale.

Is Fashionphile legit? After seeing the various features on this website, let us find it below.


  • This online store is a one-stop platform for buying different brand accessories.
  • Apart from buying products, you can even sell them here, which is a unique option.
  • Discounts are provided on various items that are valid up to certain days.
  • You can even buy gift cards for others, and you can even select the amount.
  • They have stores in different locations, and the office address is also provided.
  • Contact details are also provided; users can even contact via social media.
  • Career opportunities are on their website.


  • Only the customers who requested pre-paid shipping will have a fee deducted from their return amount; others shall be charged.
  • The return option is unavailable for places like Hawaii and Alaska.
  • If the products are returned internationally, then fees have to be paid by customers,
  • On Saturdays, the delivery is only done if the customers make a special request by paying an additional fee.
  • International orders cannot be combined and delivered.

What are user reviews and complaints?

Positive Reviews

  • Five stars were given by a user who sold a product through this website and earned it immediately.
  • Another customer also gave a 5-star rating, ordered a chain, and said she loved the quality.
  • The website’s authenticity was appreciated by another user who said that she used it upon her friends’ recommendation.
  • A user in Australia received her product and appreciated the sale options on the website.
  • The product packing was appreciated by another user who gave 5 stars to the website.

Negative Reviews

  • A user gave one star and wanted more customer service.
  • Higher taxes were unappreciated by another user.
  • The quoting guidelines given when the users sell a product were not complied with by the company, is what one of the users who gave one star stated.
  • Other users found the customer charges to be high on many items.

Is Fashionphile legit?


This website not only sells products but also allows users to sell items with various products from different brands. There are many YouTube videos on the review of the products they received, which shows that the website delivers the products.

Also, in Trustpilot received 4.2 ratings. They even sell it to far-off places, and the users gave many positive reviews; according to our analysis it is safe for shopping and clears the doubt of whether is Fashionphile legit or not.



Thus, this online e-commerce store has many products with discounts, and users can even purchase gift cards online. Many users were found to be satisfied with the customer service and the quality of the products.

So, is Fashionphile legit? – then yes, it is legit and safe to shop. Go ahead and place your order now if you like it. We hope you found this article helpful, do not forget to give us your valuable comments.


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