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Want to know is legit? In recent times scams are happening more than accurate companies.

That’s why it is becoming necessary to check on all websites before we trust them. If you see carefully, you can come through a world where you can get multiple duplicates of a legit website. Here in this article, we are disclosing all facts of this website and the other crucial facts to identify the scam website.

Firstly, we present the answer if this respective website is legit or not, and then we will share that what are the risky facts you need to careful about. Nowadays, scammers just need one day to set up a fake website with the copied details of a legitimate site. Here you can find many exciting things.

What is


The U.S recently worked on a site where they provide the service of covid 19 testing for people. You can book an appointment for testing through this website and get a test free for yourself. We are shortly answering is legit or not.

This is a free Rapid test, and you need to go to the website and fill in the necessary details to book and test yourself. Now another question arises, is this is a government-linked program or not. To answer this question, you need to know about USPS. 

What is USPS?

The complete form of USPS is the United States postal service. This service is an independent agency, but now they have extended the branch to the federal government. 


In this service, various officers are appointed to take care of all postal services and see everything is going right or not. This service always comes with an easy and affordable solution to all fundamental problems in the nation. To verify is legit, we share other information.

What kind of services are provided by special.USPS?

Naturally, they are worked for such services which are essential for people. After analyzing the whole scenario, they have come up with a free rapid test for covid.

They announced this service on the 13th January 2022. Now, anyone can book a free rapid test from this website with all-sufficient details.

is legit?


Now, the question is USPS is a scam. According to our research, we can mark this company as legit. There are thousands of reasons to mark this website as legit, and we will share all points which help you to make everything right.

  • This agency has been working for a long ago.
  • This agency is an independent agency, but currently, they are connected to the federal government. 
  • There are various issues available where this postal service provides help and do good work.
  • After seeing all these services, we mark this website as legit with a 91% trust score.

After the announcement of this news, everyone is getting highly motivated, and this announcement grabbed the attention of the scammers. Naturally, all frauds started their fraudulent work procedures.

So, let’s check whether is legit, then what’s the problem. They started setting up the various site external links and tried to hack the system and get connected with customers to fool them.

The main statement is that the company is legit, but the scammers tried to fraud people with other sources not associated with the USPS.

What is the user’s opinion on USPS?


We conducted deep research on user’s opinions and found a considerable number of satisfactory responses from their half. This service is a new service, and that’s why not many people have experienced it. But those who share the service are showering good compliments on it.

People say this is a convenient and easy-to-book service and a costless initiative that made it more worthy. The federal government-linked program is trustworthy and generates accurate results.


We served all details related to the rapid test service, and we also answered the questions is legit or not. The answer is yes, and you can access this website without any fear but be careful about scammers from other fraud sites.

If you want to share your experience with it, our comment box is open to drop your opinion.


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