Is Testingtime legit?

Do you want to earn some real cash the you must read this because is offering real cash for testing some app, lets find out it is Testingtime legit or not?

How would you feel when anybody pays you for testing? Testing is a very regular word, and it’s hard to accept that you can get paid if you do testing. In this article, we will discuss more such a website and try to find out more about it. Let us find out is Testingtime legit? 

This website is also providing other services that we will find out further in this article. However, this looks like a well-grown online page that offers much information on the website itself. This could become worth trying at least once to understand the working cycle as it might be suitable for an individual to use.

What is Testing time?

This fantastic website pays for testing. Testing Time is an ease of use testing site that pays clients to try out new items, complete investigations/reviews, journal studies, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Since this website provides a source of income or an earning opportunity to make money on the Internet, this could become a better platform for earning.


On the website, it says that it is founded in 2015 in Zurich. There is an option to select a language from the given 3 languages. There is also an option to open an account. Also, there are options for blogs, webinars, and e-book guides. This does seem helpful, but it may be suspicious. Let’s find out is Testingtime legit? 


  • The address mentioned on the website is TestingTime AG Weststrasse 50 CH-8003 Zürich
  • SSL Certified Domain with a tenure age
  • There is an option to get in touch follows with a query form that requires email and message
  • No direct number to customer service or email address found
  • FAQ page available to resolve the customer queries
  • Case studies, Guides, and E-books are available on the platform
  • The reviews of the users are reflecting on the website
  • Plans and pricing option is also available
  • The payment method is PayPal
  • The invoice given to the customer should be paid within 20 days


  • It can not only pay for taking part but also helps in business research
  • The reviews reflecting on the website seems pretty legit
  • Prepaying packages are also available as per the study of the users
  • Calculator present on the website could help to estimate the amount to be paid
  • The domain of the site is enough tenure
  • Social Media links redirecting to a legit page
  • A good number of followers on the social media


  • This paying website is not a long term income source
  • Everyone is not comfortable in face to face conversations
  • No direct contact number or email address is reflecting on the website

Is Testingtime legit?

After looking at the overall website and the users’ reviews, the website did seem legit, but we are no one to conclude. The domain’s age and the number of users reflecting on the website appear happy. Let’s know more about the reviews of the customers.

What are Testingtime reviews?

After following the social media platforms linked to the website, we have found thousands of followers on almost all the verticals. This shows that the Testingtime is quite open for their users to put on the reviews on their behalf. You can also find feedbacks on the website itself. The reviews may imply an answer of yes to the questions, “Is Testingtime legit?”


After the whole article, we would suggest being surer before walking into it as this is just a website that pays off, but this could not be the one primary or long term of income. After reading the policies and terms, it is clear that a corporate person working 9-5 would not be able to pull out time for this from the schedule. Do share your thoughts after this article and let us know if you think it’s legit.


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