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karthika deepam today episode in samayam

What is going to happen in the karthika deepam today episode in samayam?Let us see the story of Karthik and Deepa; Karthikadeepam will satisfy its viewers by punishing Monita? Or any other new twist is waiting in this episode?

Each of the serial’s followers is really in a happy mood to see Karthik coming out from Jail, and at the same time, they are eagerly waiting to see Monita behind the jail gate for all the bad deeds she has done. What will happen in her first court investigation? 

Being telecasted for more than 5 years now, the serial attracts all eyes when the clock hits 7:30 in the evening. By now, we all know that Monita has agreed to all her betrayals that were done to Karthik in front of justice, so Inspector Roshini arrested her. 

But, are you not guessing Monita has some other evil plan to play in the court surroundings like she always had a plan B to save her? Why wait? Let us go into the story to see the true side of Monita!

What has happened in the court Investigation? (Full Story)

In Saturday’s episode, we have seen Monita being taken to court by Inspector Roshini, while Karthik is also attending the same with Deepa and his Parents Soundarya, Anand Rao. 

It is the first phase where Monita’s inquiry will start, while Karthik has already decided to reveal all the evil acts of Monita by giving all the proof along with the video record.

In karthika deepam today episode in samayamKarthik and Deepa find the important video missing from their phones, which they planned to show in the court. With the help of Roshini, they discovered that the video was intentionally made deleted from their mobiles by Ratnaseeta, the evil disciples of Monita. 

However, inspector Roshini suggests they not worry and tell all the other sinful acts of Monita, including the murder of Hima.

In court, the lawyer starts the investigation by asking Monita whether she is Pregnant. She claims yes as an answer, while she gets an immediate question asking whether Kartik is the reason for it. The cunning Monita responds with a happy ‘Yes.’ 

After that, Karthik gets furious. Since his character is calmly yet drawn excellently, Kartik brings up the truth of Monita’s pregnancy – The artificial Insemination. Shamefully, Monita agrees that she has used the method to get pregnant, thinking that Karthik may marry her because of her baby child.

Kartik confesses in front of the court people that he never had any other intentions towards Monita except that she treated her as a friend. Also, he adds that Monita, in the name of one side love drama, is trying to separate Deepa and Karthik from the day of their marriage. 


Also, he reveals the melodrama played by Monita, in which she disappeared and made everyone believe that Karthik has killed her.

కీటో డైట్‌ను అనుసరించండి మరియు ఫిట్‌గా ఉండండి

After listening to all these confessions, the honorable judge reveals his judgment by allotting Monita and imprisonment for 18 months for betraying police and court by creating fake death news. 

Also, she was given a penalty of 5 lakhs for using her medical authority for illegal purposes. 

While we think the court session ended with a happy note in the karthika deepam today episode in samayam, there came a twist in the end. When Monita is taken out from the court, media people rush and ask Monita various questions. The questions are awful, but she didn’t feel that a bit. She replies a single sentence saying, ‘It is just an interval; the climax is yet to come. I know in what way I can get my Kartik.

The audience was stuck in confusion, thinking what might be Monita’s plan to trouble Kartik and Deepa, that too from Jail? So let’s see what happens in the coming episodes.



In the karthika deepam today episode in samayam, after examining the Testimonies, the court punishes Monetha with 18-month imprisonment while Karthik feels released as he is proven innocent. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why is ‘Bhagyam’s’ character missing in the serial?

If you might have seen big boss season 5, then you might have noticed Bhagya there. Unfortunately, she was eliminated from the show this Sunday. So, she might continue her serial and we may enjoy her ‘Arda-pavu’ dialogues soon.

Kartik has planned to go to the U.S.A to protect his family from Monita’s criminal thoughts and actions. Will he go?

Ans. It is so true that Karthik has planned to escape from Monita’s eyes, to lead a happy life with Deepa and their children. But his mother, Soundarya, enlightened Karthik that it’s not good on his part to leave his doctor profession and jump somewhere. So he might listen to his mother in regards to this.

What might be Monita’s other plan to degrade Kartik’s fame?


Ans. The only evidence of her pregnancy is her words. She might give a twist saying that she is not at all carrying a child.

Now, Monita is punished. And also, Kartik reunited with Deepa. Is it the end of the serial?

Ans. If the serials come to an end, the audience will miss their favorite serial couple. But, most importantly, it has been a daily routine for Telugu families to sit at 7:30 pm to see karthika deepam today episode in samayam.

In an interview, the director has revealed that the serial would continue at least for one more year not to disappoint viewers. 

Is karthikadeepam the most viewed serial in Telugu states?

Ans. With the highest TRP after big boss season 4, this serial has record numbers in television ratings. So far, it has completed 1586 episodes and has become the top-viewed serial, not only in Telugu states but also in all of south India. 


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