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Kenya Moore hair care reviews

A top celeb Kenya Moore is trending nowadays. We will cover Kenya Moore hair care reviews and user reactions to her brand products. Is this brand worth it:read?

Hair growth and hair care are the most concerning for both males and females. To help thousands of new companies continuously launch different products that will provide essential nutrients for hair and re-build the texture.

Notably, many celebrities are also taking a step forward and launching their brands. Kenya Moore is also one among them. She found her hair cate brand. But people have an enormous curiosity about the brand.

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So, we are here with all the detailed and insightful information to let you know everything about the brand.

Who is Kenya Moore?

Kenya Moore is a famous American actress. She first got the spotlight when she became miss USA in 1983. After getting offers from television and shows in cinemas, she started her career in television with the fresh prince of bel air. 

Her reality short career began with the real homemakers in 2012, a massive hit. And in 2014, after launching the fifth season of booty boot camp, Moore finally came to the hair care industry and launched her brand. We are presenting the Kenya Moore hair care reviews shortly.


Birthday1971 24th January
Full nameKenya Moore Daly
ProfessionModel, television actress, producer, author, businesswomen
Kenya Moore’s Net worth$800 Thousand
Husband nameMarc Daly
Beauty pageant1993 miss USA Miss Michigan also in the same year

About Kenya Moore’s hair care

Before digging down into Kenya Moore hair care reviews, let’s find out all details about the brand. They offer a range of original products on the website. 


We have prepared a whole list of available products, which are mentioned below:

  • Growth repair conditioner
  • Shampoo in Growth repair
  • Serum
  • Moore edges for split ends
  • Hair supplements
  • Growth masks

These all products come in a single range, and there are not so many variations ate available.


  • Category: Haircare Product
  • Where to buy: you can buy it from online and offline stores available in the USA.
  • Price ranges: the pricing starts from $12
  • Contact number: No information is available on the website
  • Contact address: no data available related to this information.
  • Email address: official email is unavailable, but an email form is given there to place a contact request

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  • There are no variations available which confused the buyer. They only sell one kind of product in different ranges.
  • There is the availability of one offline store where you can directly shop from the shop.
  • The price ranges of products are pretty reasonable.
  • If you face any irritation, a money-back warranty is available for this product.


  • No contact information is given correctly.
  • The customer service of feedback and email queries is not so active in solving all buyers’ problems.
  • There is no combo pack available for those who are using all products. One must buy products separately for usage.

What are the Kenya Moore hair care reviews?

In our research on Kenya Moore’s hair products, we found impressive reviews about this hair care Product. The Trustpilot and Amazon reviews are great and marked the hair care Product with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. We also kept it legit with a 75% trust score.

Miami said,

She loved the full range of this hair care Product. All these products are contributing to her hair growth. She also mentioned that she loved the serum, and it adds a glow and volume to hair.


Ratings: ★★★★☆

Linda said,

Linda loved the shampoo of Kenya Moore; this shampoo keeps her hair hydrated and smooth. In her Kenya Moore hair care reviews, she also adds that she uses the conditioner for better protection.

Ratings: ★★★★☆

Marie Ann said,

The hair mask and hair supplements are absolutely perfect. These products are perfect for hair texture, provide nutrients to the hair, and make it very lively.


Ratings: ★★★★★

F Anderson said,

She loved the supplement stimulator. She recently bought the product, but she got the results within a week, and now she has started the regular usage.

Ratings: ★★★☆☆


Parameters Remark
Trust score 75%
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes

Hopefully, everything about Kenya Moore hair care reviews is clear to you. This is an authentic brand, and no side effects are found in this product. If you are looking for a product that helps your hair growth, you can go for it.

Please share your experiences with this product and let us know about your views in the comment section below.


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