Legit SEO Tools to Help You without Any Cost

Writing SEO-optimized content for your website is necessary to attract more audiences to your site. SEO-optimized content is a great way to get data and alerts about the overall success and health of the website. Search engines don’t want to deliver just any content uploaded on the internet but want to provide valuable and relevant data to its user.


To make your content rank top on a search engine like Google, you need to make it high-quality and valuable to visitors. However, writing content that is SEO optimized isn’t relatively easy; there are a lot of factors like originality, plagiarism, and keywords that you need to keep in mind before you start to write. That is why there are many SEO tools like reverse image search, plagiarism checker, copyright checker, etc., to help you write unique content without any cost. Following are some of the Legit SEO Tools to help you without any cost.

  1. PlagiarismChecker.co:

You may write original content, but there is no surety that what you have written isn’t You may write original content, but there is no surety that what you have written isn’t already published somewhere. That is why it is good to run your content through a plagiarism checker first to see any plagiarism in the text. One great tool that you can use for a plagiarism check is “plagiarism tool.” It is an online tool that can be used free of cost and gives you accurate results. Just copy-paste your written content in its text box or upload your file directly on the plagiarism checker. It supports different file formats like .doc, .docx, .txt and .pdf. Before publishing your content, check plagiarism for free with this plagiarism checker.

  • ReverseImageSearch.com:

Another excellent SEO tool that can help you make your visual content unique is reverse image search. With this tool, you can effortlessly check image plagiarism. It will help you find the most similar photos over the internet to your input. If you want to find a picture relevant to your text, you can type in the keyword to find similar photos. And if you’re going to find another picture similar to something you have already, you can search by image or use the URL of the pictures.

The powerful CBIR (content-based image retrieval) technology used in reverse image searchensures that you get 100% accurate results. Today the cases of image plagiarism have increased a lot. One should know that image plagiarism affects the SEO score of the website in a negative way. This is why image search tools are getting more important these days.

  • Google Keyword Planner:

Putting relevant keywords in your content is essential. Many great tools can help you find appropriate keywords. However, one free tool for keyword recommendations and CPC and click estimation is Google keyword planner. This tool is handy and free of cost. It can also estimate your monthly searches and the cost incurred to target them.

  • UberSuggest:

Another great tool to help you write great content is Ubersuggest. It is a free SEO tool and is available on interest and can be assessed by anyone. With this tool, you can effortlessly search for new keywords and ideas. You don’t even need to create an account to use this tool. With this tool, you can get complete insight regarding website traffic. Not only that, but it also administers a score and status to keywords based on its SEO difficulty level. It gives you a high-level overview of the keywords you’re searching for. To use it, enter a term for which you wish to rank (or a competing website that you want to rank above). It is also unique in delivering local keyword ideas. If you’re looking to achieve local SEO, this tool is fantastic.

  • SEO Analyzer: 

Last but not least, an SEO analyzer is another terrific tool that can help you optimize your website without any single penny spent. SEO analyzer will inform you about the issues with your web pages. It runs complete analysis on powerful servers and stores the reports in such a way to make it easier to view its progress. It also provides side-by-side comparison with your competitors to see how your SEO improves against the competition.


You don’t need to spend tons of money on tools for SEO optimization of your website. Many free tools like plagiarism checker, reverse image search, copyright checker, and the entire mentioned above can help you improve your search rank. These tools have a lot of different features that, when used properly, will provide you with optimal results. Throw in marketing strategies like content and social media marketing to get the most out of your optimizations. These Free SEO tools will help you build a strong foundation for these marketing strategies. That is why if you are working on a tight budget but want to write fantastic content, these free tools can help you achieve just what you want.


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