Leon James Hair Salon Branford Ct

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The website is based in the United States and is on-trend topics today, but it is essential to verify each aspect of it to get a legit review before any proceedings.

What is Leon James Hair Salon Branford Ct?


James Hair Salon is a salon office accessible at 117 South Main Street in Branford, CT. it is primarily accessible in the United States. As Leon James Hair Salon gives different offices regarding hair change, this salon resembles hairstyles, nail administrations, nail administrations, waxing, nail treatments, pedicures, and a lot more salon offices and administrations.

They give the best option concerning grooming needs like hairstyles, nail trims, pedicures, and more in the US. Check all the itemized data about them in this article just in detail. Along these lines, be in this article until they finish thinking about them and the user reviews about them.


  • Categories – Beauty salons and corrective stores 
  • Services – Haircare, Nail care, waxing 
  • Address: 241 Main St, Branford, CT 06405, United States, City: Branford, Connecticut 
  • Telephone: +1 203-481-8566 
  • Payments: installment in real money and via card 

Services offered by Leon James Hair Salon

  • Custom tone and rebinding 
  • Hair plans 
  • Hairstyle 
  • Waxing 
  • Nail administrations 
  • Wedding occasions 
  • Nail trim and pedicure

Customer reviews


As indicated by the different positive reviews accessible about the saloon on the web, clear about the Leon James Hair Salon Branford Ct, where individuals had cherished their administrations. Individuals had positive surveys about them that resemble they never excuse any client’s interests as immaterial. 

They are additionally entirely solid about their obligation and never drop the arrangements without a second to spare, which is a decent sign. They further had never excused any client’s perspectives and regarded their clients. Enough staff is accessible in their area for better services.



As per the information mentioned above, it is clear that the Leon James Hair Salon Branford Ct store is one of the most popular ones around, and you can visit for several grooming services like nail extensions, hair color, pedicure, and other services.

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