Lloyds Car Insurance Reviews

Read Lloyds car insurance reviews and clarify your confusion. This article will help you with the exact information. This bank offers a lot of other insurances besides car insurance. Let us see, what are they? Are they beneficial for all? Are there any discounts available? We will answer all these questions in the following sessions.

Lloyds is one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom. It offers two cover levels for every insurance it provides. They are standard and comprehensive. Like this, there are few critical features for the insurance that attract people. Let us see what they are, and we will also see how to claim insurance from Lloyds bank.

What is Lloyds bank?

Since then, Lloyds Bank was founded in 1965 and served Britain’s households, businesses, and communities. The company is now one of the ‘Big Four’ British clearing banks and the largest retail bank in the United Kingdom. It offers a range of financial and insurance products, including home, life, landlord, van, mobile phone, business, travel, and car insurance.

The company is part of the Lloyds Banking Group (Halifax, Bank of Scotland, etc.). Lloyds Bank plc is a British retail and commercial bank authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

In the following sessions, we will see features and Lloyds car insurance reviews.

What are the key features of this car insurance?

There are unique features to note here as the car insurance is arranged and administered by BISL Limited:

  • Lloyds Bank offers two levels of car insurance: Standard and Comprehensive. Both groups include 60 days cover driving in the European Union, as well as a 24-hour claims line and an online Self-Service Centre, on which you can change your policy at any time.
  • Its Comprehensive cover gives you a 24-hour windscreen helpline, three years guarantee on all approved claims repairs, and cover against uninsured drivers and acts of vandalism.
  • And if a car you’ve bought in the last 12 months is stolen and can’t be recovered, Lloyds can provide a new vehicle for you.
  • Its insurance policies also include Guaranteed Replacement Car Cover for no additional cost for 12 months. It is a car you can use for up to 28 days if yours has been stolen, written off, or damaged due to a fire or accident claim.

Lloyds Bank also offers several additional benefits that will come at an additional premium. These include a no claims discount protection, which will allow you to make two claims that are your fault within three years without losing your no claims discount.


It also offers legal motor protection of up to £100,000, starting from £30.99 per year. It can provide legal cover if you’re in danger of being suspended or losing your license, as well as help with obtaining compensation for personal injury.

Let us know the process of claiming your insurance before we see Lloyds car insurancereviews.

How to claim your insurance?

To report a claim, you’ll need to call Lloyds’ claims line on 0344 209 0477. 

But for that, you need a few things and those are mentioned here.

  • The date and time and a description of the incident
  • The details of any third party involved, including their name, address, registration, and insurance details
  • The names and addresses of any witnesses
  • A police incident reference number, if the police are involved

What are Lloyds car insurance reviews from customers?


On our firm research, we have found a lot of customer responses regarding this car loan. We are mentioning a few here for your better understanding of the bank.

Bary says, 

“I expected high quality from Lloyds Bank, and the price was good. But after a smash, these kids pushed me around from department to department, trying to get out of everything. I had to argue for days just to get the courtesy car I had paid extra for, and then they suddenly wanted it back. Such a bad experience with Lloyds.”

Rena claims, 


“I trusted this bank so much. But when I claimed for insurance after having an accident, there was no response for 2 months. And am still waiting. Didn’t expect this from Lloyds.”

These are a few reviews, but all are of this nature. The average rating it is holding is 1.2 for 5, which is very low.


As we can see the bitterness in Lloyds car insurance reviews, it has been disappointing its customers lately in its service. Though the features are attractive, the service is deformed.

Social Media PresenceYes
Trust score54%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

You can ask your queries in the comment section, if you have any. Stay tuned!


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