Mausami Chatterjee

All about Mausami Chatterjee? The name which is ruling over the movie industry in the 1970s. She has seen a lot of glory and shining times throughout her carrier. It will be a super roller coaster ride if we start discussing her life with many ups and downs. 

In this segment, we shared all updates related to her to understand this iconic women’s lives better. Her own life is not less than a cinema, and it has melody, drama, cheerful and happy memories, and drastic downfalls. There are a bunch of exciting things are available to discover.

Unfold Mausami Chatterjee?

Her real name is Indira Chattopadhyay, and later she changed her name. She is a well-known actress from the seventies, and he simultaneously works in both Bollywood and Tollywood industries. As per sources, she was once the highest-paid actress of her time. 

Quick Intro

Real nameIndira Chattopadhyay
Birthday26th April 1953
OccupationActress and politician
Year of her beginning in the industryShe debuted in the industry in 1967
Political activityShe is connected with Bharatiya Janata party but at the initial stage of politics she was a par of congress
Husband nameMr. Jayant Mukherjee
Remarkable movieBalikaBadhu, GoynarBaksyo, Ghayal.

She debuted in the industry at a very early age, and also, her life started moving drastically, and one by one, everything started moving through all thick and thins.

Her initial life


She was born in Calcutta in a very conservative family. Her father was in Army, and her grandmother was Judge. Everything in her family is restricted. However, she has been a big fan of movies since her childhood.

She is returning from school one day, and a well-known director spot her and wants to cast her in film. When the director’s wife gave the offer to her father, he rejected it primarily. Still, he agreed after a lot of effort, and Indira became Mausami Chatterjee and entered the industry.

Mausami’s career in the film industry

She debuted with Tarun Majumdar’s BalikaBadhu, a watermark of those times. After that film, she didn’t do films to continue her studies, but somehow the silver screen loves her, and her fate wrote some other things for her. 

Now the rising action of her life appears. When she was in 10th standard, one of her close aunts was seriously ill and wanted her to see married. After BalikaBadhu, everyone is in her craze, and many reputable people wish to her as a daughter-in-law.


The iconic singer Hemant Kumar talks with her family about his Son Jayant and Mausami Chatterjee married. And then she gets married. Though after that, she worked in different movies like Parineeta and Anindita.

The Bollywood career of Mausami Chatterjee?

He came to Bollywood with Samanta’s Anuraag. This film is also a blockbuster. And most importantly, she won the Film fare award for this movie as the best actress. 

After this strong start, she works with Sashi Kapoor, V.Khanna, and V.Mehera. Apart from them, she also worked with Rishi Kapoor, and in a chitchat show, she says that she loved Rishi as a co-actor. From R. Khanna to struggling Amitabh. Her early Bollywood career is star-studded. We can say that 1974 to 1984 is the Golden period of her career.

In 1985 she got a little backward and earned more supporting characters like the mother or other family members in movies like Ghayal; she worked with S.Dutt and Dharmendra. However, she didn’t do any film after 2004.


Then in 2006, she did another film that took her back to the silver screen is, Zindagi rocks, but that movie is failed to be in the significant limelight. Meanwhile, she joined Congress and became an active politician. In 2019 she changed her party and became a part of the BJP, and still, now, she is actively participating.

Her relationship 

She married at a very early age with the Son of Sir. Hemanta Kumar is a gem of the Music Industry, and His Son is also a producer. She got married to Jayant and, at 18, got pregnant and gave birth to her first daughter. She is a mother of two daughters.

Mausami once expressed herself in an interview that she felt that the superior was not merciful to her, but god showered partial mercy to her because her life is not that smooth from both personal and career perspectives.

She got fragile when her father died, and her daughter’s cancer made her numb. She suffers a lot. Even when she gets pregnant for the first, she is in a dilemma whether she is doing right or wrong—many ups and downs.

The Recongitions & Awards


Mausami Chatterjee has done hundreds of films to lead and support heroine in her career. Her OgoBodhusundari with Uttam Kumar and GayanarBaksyo is two different films of a different era that leave a unique mark in audiences’ hearts.

She did various Bengali films in which Bidhilipi, Parineeta, Anindita is most popular, and in Bollywood Manzil, Naina, Kuchdhaage, roti, kapra aur makan should be mentioned.

She didn’t win so many awards, but she bagged two film fares for best actress inside role and film journalist award for the best heroine. Also, she got a lifetime achievement award from this organization which paid tribute to her.


Here are all twists and turns of Mausami Chatterjee is revealed. She is a bright and talented actress who leaves a strong impression on the industry in both Bollywood and Tollywood.

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