Megacon Orlando Activate

Are you looking for a legit way for Megacon Orlando activate? No worries!! We are here with some great hacks and facts related to this event. Here we present detailed information about the event, dates, timing, buying tickets, activate codes, etc. A lot is waiting for you on the plate. 

Who isn’t in love with sci-fi, anime, comics, games, and horror? Yes! One can dislike horror and love anime. Mainly, you can hardly spot someone who hates all these genres. Today we have something exceptional for all the lovers of these genres. And it is a special treat for those who love all of these. 

What is Megacon Orlando?

Megacon Orlando is the biggest fest event South East. This evening is the largest anime, comic, sci-fi, gaming, and horror fest. Four days with lots of events and unforgettable experiences. 

It is a family-friendly event. Thousands of fans are eagerly waiting for this event. Previously, this event was canceled for the global pandemic. This event took place this August between 12 to 15. Many fans have postponed tickets for this event, and another portion of fans are madly buying the tickets.


List of the events:

  • Celebrity interaction.
  • Anime event with your favorite characters.
  • Cosplay event.
  • Celeb talk session.
  • Shopping event.
  • Fun sessions with friends and family.
  • Gaming sessions.
  • Comic event.
  • Celebrity photo ops.
  • Autograph session.
  • Fan meetup.

They have many things to offer the soul of any anime, game, horror, and sci-fi lover. Now let’s concentrate on how to Megacon Orlando activate.

Where to buy the tickets for Megacon Orlando? 

You can order your tickets and activate your badge from their official website


You need to go to this site and click on the buy now option and clear all payments and buy your respected badge and tickets for the event. 

There are two ways available to collect the ticket and badge:

  1. You can order it from the ticketing hall before the event.
  2. You can place an order on the Megacon Zen desk website for home or office delivery.

For the first option, you need to wait for too long and face some problematic consequences.

The second option is way more convenient and beneficial. You get a doorstep delivery and pre-activated badge, and a contactless entry system. All this is available only at $15 

How to Megacon Orlando activate?

  • Firstly, you need to go to the official website MEGACONORLANDO.COM/ACTIVATE.
  • Now you need to enter your activation code in the required chatbox.
  • After entering the code, you need to confirm and activate your badge for entry.
  • Now, you are all settled to enter the most significant festival.

This process is as simple as getting up and getting ready to go to the workplace or school. The only important thing is to enter the activation code in the proper order, and your badge of Megacon Orlando activate.

Where can we find the activation code?

  • If you collect it from the ticketing hall, you will find it on your ticket or the backside of your badge.
  • If you are placing a pre-order, The website shows you the activation code. You need to note it down and enter it into the activation website.

Hopefully, these two ways are clear to you all. Check it carefully and enlist it on the official activation website. And your badge of Megacon Orlando activate successfully.

Event dates and timings:

12th AugustThursday4 PM to 9 PM
13th AugustFriday10 AM to 7 PM
14th AugustSaturday10 AM to 7 PM
15th AugustSunday10 AM to 5 PM

Audience reactions to the last event:

People are going mad over all these genres and events. They spend millions of dollars every year to buy action figures, games, comic books, and many more things. 


They wait for this time each year to interact with their favorite celebrity and characters in this event. There are millions of positive experiences available all over social media and on the Internet.

Jack said, “I am just waiting for it eagerly from the last year. I was unable to attend last year’s event because of my sickness. But this time I can’t afford to miss it. And today, I am so happy to see them together here.” 


Hopefully, this article “Megacon Orlando activate”help you to solve your queries successfully. Enjoy your event and made some precious memories for life.

You can also write to us about your experiences and views on the event in the comment section below. We would love to listen to your great experiences. Stay connected.


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