Moresoo Hair Extensions Reviews by 50+ User – Is Buying Worth?

Read the latest Moresoo hair extensions reviews? A must-read article for the hair extension users >> Read the details, pros, cons, and is it safe to use?

Extensions are becoming trendy every day. In comparison with natural hair, it is easy to maintain. It helps you get length and volume. Some people even use it for experimenting with new colors streaks in their strands. There are numerous trendy looks that you can create by using extensions.

Women in the United States are extensively purchasing extensions because of numerous advantages. This article will discuss one of the hair extension brands moresoo. Read further to know more.

What are Moresoo hair extensions?


It is an E-Commerce brand dealing in hair extensions of virgin strands and Remy tape. There is a vast collection of different colors and lengths. You can also customize your hair color. 

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You can also become their retailer by purchasing wholesale products. For the customer, they have provided a color detector tool. 

Some features of the Moresoo hair extensions

  • They stand behind the quality of hair, and all hair comes with a 60-day guarantee under our warranty policy.
  • Their tension tape is strong and allows you to swim, work out and go on vacations without worrying about your extension coming out. 
  • You can even blow out or wash your hair without ruining the extension but make sure your scalp does not get too oily.
  • For thin to medium hair, you will need 2-3 packs (100 to 150gram) of Our Remy tape in hair or 4-6 packs in the virgin hair. If you have thick hair, you will need more packs of hair. You will need 3-5 in the Remy and 4 or more in the ombre or virgin collection.
  • You can color the extensions without thinking of getting them damaged. It gets recommended to use a darker color.
  • These are 100% human hair and come into different qualities. Read Moresoo hair extensions reviews section for more details.
  • Remy extensions can last up to 3 months and, I recommended them to first-time users.
  • Virgin hair extensions get expected to last up to 12 to 16 months. These get used by professionals in salons.


  • There are several valentine sales available on the platform.
  • Recently they have launched a clearance sale at a heavy discount.
  • There is an easy 30 days refund policy mentioned on the source.
  • Email address is for all queries and information. 
  • The platform is available in five different languages. You can choose according to your country.
  • You can WhatsApp them on this number for live chat +86 13721926207.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletter and get the latest discounts and arrivals updates.
  • The payments get made via debit/credit card and Paypal.
  • They provide free shipping to the United States, Canada, Mexico.

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Continue reading to know more about Moresoo hair extensions reviews.


  • These are 100% human hair so; it gives a very natural look.
  • You can dye them after sometimes if you want to change your look.
  • They have a strong tape that allows users to do their daily activities without damaging their extensions.
  • There is an extensive collection of extensions on the official website of moresoo.


  • The website has received bad ratings.
  • These extensions possess a rough cuticle.

Are Moresoo hair extensions valuable/worth it?

We went through all the Moresoo hair extensions reviews to find durability and worthiness. We found a mixed response on open sources. Some people even suggested that you must not buy these expressions from the official website but try other retailers. 

Many E-Commerce giants are selling this product and have received a good consumer rating. It is 100% human hair extension. So, you may not have to worry about any plasticity. 

There are various social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can visit these links from the official website to get a better insight into their product. 


The exceptions are worth your money and give you a good look. But, you get advised to make purchases from any other e-commerce.

Moresoo hair extensions reviews by the custmers?

The website also has received a bad rating but, the product has received excellent comments on various e-commerce. Authentic customers have given it 4.3 out of 5 stars for the quality of these extensions. 

Many customers were pleased with their purchases and confirmed that they use 100% dyeable human hair. People can easily customize the color to use it for an extended period without damage. Some comments and Moresoo hair extensions reviews of users shows that it is the best hair extension they have ever used.

We came across some disgruntled customers complaining about severely rough cuticles, which made their hair dry and rough. One of the customers pointed out that hair frayed after some time. 


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Apart from some negative comments, we are confident about their credibility.


After going through the Moresoo hair extensions reviews, we came across multiple positive reviews from the United States which, highly appreciated the product. But, some hairstylists suggested that it is not a very quality level product. 

So we will recommend our readers go through these testimonials before making any substantial purchase. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.


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