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Read Nadine west reviews and feedback as per research on more than 100 customers. >> January 2022, find out whether this website is legit or not.

With betterment and technology, everything around us is changing day by day. Now it is time to modernize your shopping method. Do you not have time to buy new clothes and have a busy lifestyle? It is the perfect option for you.

For all the women in the United States confused about style and fashion. Then leave it to the professionals who will choose it for you and send it to your doorstep. We have described every aspect in the article below. Read further to know more.

What is Nadine West?

It is an E-Commerce that personalizes your outfits and sends them each month to your doorstep. It is a revolutionary way to shop for the best fashion according to your style and body type. The service is free of cost. They only charge you for the clothes you keep with yourself.

The items are very affordable and range between 10 to 30 bucks. It is a secure source and, you need to share your credit or debit card information so that they can debit the money from your account after sending your packages. 

You can return the item that you do not find suitable according to your taste before the given date on the receipt. Continue reading to know more about Nadine west reviews.


  • Your package will include 426 items as per your requirement. There are a few tops, bottoms, leggings, and accessories.
  • Their size range is from small to XL.
  • The address mentioned on the website is 512 West MLK, Suite 350 Austin, TX, 78701, U.S.A.
  • You can email them at MyOutfits(at)NadineWest(dot)com
  • It is a simple way of shopping to get all your desired personalized items at your doorstep. You can try them at your home and return the unwanted items before the due date.
  • They have no hidden charges and, you will be only get charged for the items you keep.
  • The shipping charges are $9.78 which, gets credited to your account after you purchase their sent items. So we can say that it is free of cost.
  • For return policy, you can keep all the unwanted stuff in the same package send it back to the mentioned address.


  • You can get new fashion at your doorstep every month.
  • There is sufficient trial period to allow you to choose the items you want to keep.
  • They have user friendly return policy.
  • The brand has created influential social media presence.


  • They have not given contact number.
  • Poor consumer rating.
  • Charge customers for returned clothes as well.

How does It work?

Follow the steps given below:

  • You can use any device browser to reach the official website of Nadine West.
  • Take the style quiz present on the home page. Share your thoughts freely and explain everything vividly.
  • You can opt for any particular date for delivery.
  • They will ask your bank account details to debit money every month before sending clothes.
  • Every month you will receive a pink package full of fashionable items that suit your style.
  • Try all the outfits and keep whichever product you want.
  • Send back the unwanted items in the same package before the due date.
  • They will automatically charge you for the products that you keep.

As per the information mentioned on their website, they have sent out 1.3 million shipments to their trusted customers.

Is Nadine west legit?

To find the correct answer to this question, we went through several Nadine west reviews. It is a new method for online shopping where you can even try clothes at home. Many people are curious about their tactics and policies. 

As per their claims, all the features are customer-friendly to give you a whole new experience. The brand has social media handles on all the platforms and has received appreciation from the audience. They collaborated with a few influencers in the United States to expand their reach and share ideas. 

There are 48k followers on Instagram. The domain got created nine years ago. But lacks customer care service numbers. It has not received BBB accreditation. Many complaints have been filed against the brand on this platform.

Nadine west reviews

As per our research, the brand has received 1.7 out of 5 stars. It signifies that they have bad customer care service and, the users are dissatisfied with their services. 

We came across many disgruntled customers, charged for the whole shipment even though they only kept a few items, and returned the package. 

Many of them mean complaints about the quality of the material. Several customers outrageously called a scam for disrespecting them and not following the policies mentioned on the website. 

After analyzing all the reviews, we suggest that some customers avoid such deceitful brands. You shall not give any unknown company the right to use your bank details to debit as much money as they want from your account.


After reading all the Nadine west reviews, we concluded that it is not a safe source for shopping. All the comments were disrespectful and complained about bad customer service from the company. But do not consider our word for the holy grail and do some research on your part before making any final decision.

Social mediaYes
Trust scoreSuspicious
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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