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How to open a cash register Fortnite? Every Fortnite player must be knowing what cash registers are in the game? If you have any doubts regarding this, then this article will answer all of them. Even if you do not know, you don’t need to worry; we will be giving complete details about these in the following sessions, so let’s get started.

In recent times, Fortnite has been one of the most played games in the UnitedStates. As you might have known, gold bars are the main currency in the game with which you will be getting every kind of in-game advancements. Along with getting these while we succeed seasons, the game also offers these in the form of hidden treasures. Let us know what these treasures are?

What is a cash register?

As the name itself suggests, a cash register is a vessel that contains gold bars. These are placed at various locations on the map, which can be opened or destroyed. These are the new in-game treasures added in season 5 of chapter 2, first in the United States.

The primary use of this register is that it will give a minimal amount of gold when it is found and opened or destroyed. As gold is the game’s primary currency, you can buy all gaming items using this gold given by the cash register.

Where are cash registers placed in the game?

There are a lot of places where these cash registers are found. Also, in the complete season, there are more than 25 cash registers placed in various stations. This is a new in-game benefit for the players; some challenges are developed based on these cash registers.

One of the main challenges is that when you find a cash register within 60 seconds of landing, then you can get the double amount of gold that you received in the actual cash register. 

You can find the cash registers at Gas stations, shops, retail row stores, or the stores at The Orchard or Holly Hedges. The placement ratio or the placing positions of cash registers are unknown, but they are also placed inside different buildings across the maps.

There is a hint that most of these benefits are stored in the supermarket and retail row.

What are the few best locations for cash registers?

Let us know popular locations before we see how to open a cash register Fortnite. 

One prevalent location of Cash Register is the Retail Row:

  • Land at the supermarket of Retail Row, enter through your left, and you will see a cash register right there. 
  • It is done very quickly within 60 seconds of landing time, and your level will automatically increase. 
  • As gold bars are the main currency in Fortnite, the same are collecting from the cash registers and can use to purchase exotic weapons in the Battle Royale.

Another popular location for Cash Register is the Catty Corner:

  • You need to land at the gas station in the Catty Corner 
  • Search for a cash register.
  • When you see one, you have to click on “Use” and loot everything that you can. 
  • Usually, one may find around two to three cash registers in the vicinity of Catty Corner.

How to open a cash register Fortnite?

Opening a cash register is very easy. It is how to open the treasure. When you find it, then click on the ‘Use’ button.

After you open, destroy three beds. Now, the gold bars are directly transferred to the currency in your gaming account. 

Are there any significant challenges related to cash registers?

There is one in season 2 of chapter 2, in the name of Brat Quest. Here are the steps to complete this challenge, just like you did to open a cashregister Fortnite. 

When you find a treasure in this season, follow the below steps:

  • Open a cash register fortnite by tapping on the ‘Use’ button.
  • Destroy three couches or beds that are accompanying the cash register.
  • Complete a quest from another character.
  • Purchase a weapon of rare rarity or higher from a character or Weapon-O-Matic.
  • Damage opponents with weapons of rare rarity or higher.

With these, the Bart Quest is completed. 


We have mentioned all the necessary information and the process to open a cash register Fortnite and say the locations and other challenges.

You can mention your queries in the comment section below if you have any. Stay connected to us for more information like this. 

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