Optum Store Review

Read the latest Optum Store Review? Medical necessity is also an essential part of our everyday life.

Where every day is moving towards online, why the medical industries stop where they are, with all sectors, the medical industries also start developing and expanding their business online. This website offers medical services to all its customers.

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However, this is a health-related subject, and you have to be very careful about all programs. That’s why this Review is much needed. You have to ensure the legitimacy of this website after examining all positive facts and adverse facts ot it.

What is Optum Store?

It is an online platform that offers an extensive range of medicines. In short, this is an online healthcare community that provides proper support and delivers your medication to your doorsteps. 

We will share some crucial facts about Optum Store Review in the section below. 


But, at first let’s check the prescriptions of its specific categories, which are

  • Birth control prescription.
  • Erectile dysfunction prescription.
  • Hair loss prescription.
  • Lattice prescription.
  • Lashes prescription.

Apart from all these, they are providing various services. We described all these services here in this article.

  • A section is available for medicines and treatment.
  • Every essential and personal care portal.
  • Baby and child related products
  • Test and devices.
  • The product was related to skincare and other actual products.


  • Contact number:1 855 946 4463
  • Email address: support@store(dot)optum(dot)com.
  • Return policy: You have to return all products within 45 days after delivery.
  • Payment mode: Only online payment methods are available 
  • Payment method: you can only proceed with payment with a debit card and credit.
  • Shipping time: it takes at least 15 to 20 days to complete the shipping process.
  • Category: Healthcare.


  • They offer free shipping on all orders above $25.
  • Each customer can save money via bulk purchases if they order above $50.
  • The return period of this website is quite long, nearly 45 days.
  • Their prescription provides a little help to all patients suffering from a selective illness.
  • The credit score is relatively high for this website.
  • This is a one-stop destination for different health related issues.
  • Mixed Optum Store Review and responses found.


  • Sometimes the prices are higher than the market.
  • Some medicines are unavailable for high market demand. 

Is this Optum Store legit?

According to our studies, this website is entirely legit. There are several solid and positive facts available about this company.

  • This company has been running their business successfully for the last 25 years.
  • A separate newsletter is available to update their customers about their new updates.
  • All contact details are visible on their website.
  • Their customer care is very responsive.
  • All details related to their company and ownership are available on their website.
  • All policies from shipping to refund are mentioned in a separate portal to help their users.
  • We mark this website as legit with 90% trust scores.

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Optum Store Review?


We found various positive responses and good things about this website. There are hundreds of good reviews available on the Internet.

Rachel said, 

“I have been a regular customer of this website for the last ten years, and they always deliver the accurate product within the time.”


Eliza said,

“They have a larger range of products and medicines available in their category, and I found almost every daily essential on this website. Their prescriptions are working like magic, and it was always a great experience for me.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 90% 
Social media presence Yes 
Customer opinion Yes 

In our final verdict, we mark this website as legit, and it is a website with a high trust score rate. This is a trustworthy website, in our opinion. You can try this website and let us know about your views.

However, our comment section is always open to getting opinions from your side. Drop your thoughts, views on Optum Store Review. We are waiting for your response.


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