Today we will review the website Purplelionproject.com that guides the users through holistic healing. Holistic healing is taking the mind, body, and soul of a person into consideration when dealing with health and diseases. A person can be at ease only when there is a fine balance between the three.


The definition of health has changed drastically in today’s age and time. Health is not only about physical strength about also about mental well-being. People in the United States are moving towards maintaining the balance between positive thoughts, taking care of body & physical well-being, and embracing spiritual experiences.  

What is the Purple lion project?

The purple lion project is a humanitarian project started by Cassandra S. Dunn in 2014. The project’s primary focus is on healing humanity by guiding them towards education, natural remedies, and energy healing technologies. 


  • Contact Address – They are based in United States as per the information on their website. There is no exact address mentioned on their website. To contact them, you need to fill the details online on their website with the message and send it to them. 
  • Customer Care Number – No customer care number provided on the website.
  • Email Address – This information has not been provided on their website.
  • Payment Method – There is no payment-related information on their website.
  • Category of the Website – They are currently providing holistic healing and connecting with people via skype or on-call by delivering health and healing consultation.
  • Service rates – The rates for health and healing consultation are according to an hourly basis. As per the website, a one-hour session may cost around $56.
  • Mode of services – To provide the service, they connect with people over the phone or skype.
  • Service bookings – To avail of the services, one needs to request a booking on their website. 

Pros of Purple lion project

  • Cassandra, the owner of the site, is a registered nurse, medical investigator, and an Entity approved healing guide.
  • She experienced enough in the field to provide proper and researched guidance.
  • She actively engages with the audience on facebook and youtube, where the posts and videos are uploaded.
  • As per the website, all services are on a donation basis, and no one will be turned away.
  • They have blogs regularly published on the website that helps with the mind, soul, and body healing.
  • They provide researched knowledge about the healing remedies and how to benefit from them.
  • Their blogs keep users updated on the latest medical topics and scientific researches regarding mental and physical health.

Cons of Purple lion project

  • No contact information provided on the website
  • There is no detailed information about the services they provide.

Is Purplelionproject.com legit or not?


We went through their entire website, and their social media handle. We tracked the social media handles by the information provided on their website. Even though they seem active on Facebook, they have just 575 followers, primarily based in the United States. This is a minimal user base and not enough to judge a website. When we followed their youtube channel, the presence there is also very contained, with just 2.85 k subscribers. 

There is no contact information provided on the website. The website, while I researched, was under construction, so I believe they are working on making improvements. No service information, payment information, and the ambiguity at every corner make us question the website’s legitimacy. The website’s trust score and percentage information are not available due to the lack of authentic reviews. 

What is the Purple lion project Review by the customer?


We read various responses on the reviews section on their website Purplelionproject.com and social media platforms from the customers who follow them, and they have been well received among them. They have appreciated their research and attempts towards promoting mental well-being.

Apart from that, we failed to find a single review from users on any other platform and website. We cannot blindly believe every comment on their handles, and the lack of reviews on any other platform is dubious to us. They have a very contained online presence which limits the user base. 



The goals and cause that the website is working for are very noble. Promoting holistic well-being is the need of the hour when covid-19 has drastically affected both the physical and mental well-being of users around the globe. But the lack of reliable information on the website and zero authentic comments and reviews from users on any other platform other than those handled by them makes us dubious. 

We recommend users doing proper research before reading any scientifically claimed data and implementing that in their lives. Thorough research at the user’s end is mandatory before associating yourself with purplelionproject.com.


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