Pursh Shoes Reviews

Read a quick Pursh Shoes Reviews and also read what the customers are saying about it. Dont get confused by the Pursh-shoes.fr. Find out more?

When it comes to online shopping most of the buyers forget to check the websit whether it is legit or not. The main concern comes when he/she is buying products from an e-commerce company for the first time. It is essential to know about the website before buying. Here we going to talk about Pursh Shoes Reviews.

The website is delivering order from United States, we are reviewing it because we find this website on search trend. This make us curious to find out its legitimacy. After all it the matter about you customers, and we are a mission to rectify each website, and that is the reason why we get feedback from victim customers. Let’s find out more about this website.

There are several confusing article available on internet that are confused in two website with same name i.e Purshcollection.com and Pursh-shoes.fr.

What is Purshcollection.com?

It is an online Pursh shoes Reviews (Pursh Boots) store which is having a collection of large varieties of shoes, handbags, ladies wallet, and clutch and more, the website is offering several discounts and deals on purchase. The website is having collection of shoes for men and women like high heels, long boot, gum boot, sneakers, sweat leather material and many more.

As per the website they also donate for the noble cause like on every purchase they will donate $5 for the needy ones. On every purchase you will get a sure discount.

Confusion between Purshcollection.com and Pursh-shoes.fr?

Before heading towards any bit we would like to drag your attention between two website Purshcollection.com and Pursh-shoes.fr, both the website deals in selling varieties of shoes, purse, handbags for men and women but both are different. One website is of the United States and the other one of France.

The search result is showing two website which is somehow matching by its name, so don’t get confused on that.

Both are giving discounts and deals with free shipping worldwide, let’s find out more about Pursh Shoes Reviews and Pursh-shoes.frwhether these websites are legit or not?


Specification Purshcollection.com

  • Physical Address: No information available.
  • Customer care number: There are no contact details available over the website related to customer care.
  • Email address hello@purshcollection.com
  • Category of the website: The website deals in all types of fashionable handbags, shoes and clutches
  • Payment method: Supports all kind of online payment gateways like PayPal, AMEX, JCB, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and Diner Club.
  • Delivery time: You can return the product within 45 days of the purchasing date. But you have to submit the receipt before submission for exhcnage or return
  • Method of Delivery – No information regarding the process of shipping available on the website

Pros of Purshcollection.com

  • The website is having wide range of collection on ladies handbag, purse and shoes.
  • The website is offering 45 days of return guarantee by which you can return or exchange it within these 45 days.
  • You can also visit the social media page of the website search Pursh collection Facebook. They are also available in Instagram.
  • Sign up and you can get 10% discount on purchase of any product

Cons of Purshcollection.com

  • The website is having no contact information regarding the customer care
  • We do not find any Pursh Shoes Reviews so it is awkward that if they are selling products on low cost than why they don’t have any feedback by the customers.
  • We don’t find any comment in any social media page which seems not promising

Is the website Purshcollection.com legit?

To know whether a website is legit or not few points must to note before placing order such as customer reviews, real image of the product, contact number are working or not and the trust index of the website. We basically consider these steps for those website which is new and unknown.

As the matter of concern for the Purshcollection.com we don’t find legit information or data so that we can identify its legitimacy. There is no contact information available. So according to us it’s a suspicious website which is having trust issue.

What the customers are saying about Purshcollection.com?

We search for the comments and the feedback but couldn’t find any Pursh Shoes Reviews, the feedback and reviews available on internet is of a similar website name Prush-shoes.fr. So, don’t get puzzle by these name game. Both the website are suspicious.


As above all the information regarding the website and the other similar website it is clear that Purshcollection.com is having trust issues and having no feedback or reactions by the purhcasers. We will suggest you to be safe and make concern about this if you still want to purchase.

Please let us know if you have any information regarding this website or ever cheated by this website or not.

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