Revlon One Step Dryer And Volumizer

Get the latest reviews on Revlon one step dryer and volumizer. When it comes to styling the hair, we want the tool to be excellent and safe for hair. There are millions of hair tools available in the market claiming to give that salon blowout but eventually, fail.

This incredible hair tool is the talk of the town and is loved by the most famous salons and even commoners in the United States. Are you curious to know more subtleties about this gadget? Read further.

What is Revlon one step dryer and volumizer?


It is a great hair tool sold by Revlon com, which is a famous brand. This hair dryer gives a salon finish blow hair. It looks like a comb with a wire to run it. It provides lustrous shine and volume for hair, and also it is effortless to use. 

It comes with a warranty and is loved by most users. It has different color options. The ordinary day people can use it to get that extra shine and volume in their daily lives.


  • It is available on Revlon com and also on amazon.
  • The product’s actual price is $60 and is currently available on sale for $42.
  • The Black Friday sale is going on Amazon, and the price is $35. 
  • It comes in various colors.

Key features:

  • It has the power of a hairdryer and provides volume to a styler. 
  • It requires half the time than in the salon.
  • The dryer is 13 inches long and 2 inches in breadth, along with 4 inches bristles tip.
  • The brush design is unique, with round edges to make the hair smoother and voluminous.
  • The nylon tip present in the brush helps in detangling the hair effortlessly.
  • The power of the dryer is 1100 watts which is precisely required for a great blow-dry.
  • There is also ionic technology present in the product, which helps transform frizzy and dull hair into smooth and shiny ones. 
  • There are also two-speed options, and you can choose accordingly.


  • Brand- Revlon
  • Dimensions- 10.4 x 29 x 25.7
  • Hair type- frizzy hair
  • Color- black, pink, silver, golden, blue, sea green
  • Manufacturer- Helen of Troy


  • Parlor like blow-dry finish can be attained at home.
  • Cheap and affordable product.
  • All can use it.
  • Well-known brand product.
  • Worldwide shipping is available.
  • Transforms your hair from dull & damaged hair to shiny ones.


  • Delayed delivery complaints.
  • Shipping charges are high.

Is the Revlon one step dryer worth buying?


We would highly recommend Revlon one step dryer and volumizer as it has an impressive customer response:

  • It is pretty affordable and does the work as a luxurious one. 
  • A worldwide delivery option is available.
  • Apart from the website, the product is available on Amazon as well.

We often judge the product based on reviews provided by the customers. Simultaneously, we found commendable reviews for this fantastic hair tool and suggest you go for it.

Revlon one step dryer and volumizer reviews?


We saw massive traffic in the review section for this product. On Amazon, over 2,03,736 customers have rated it, and it has got 4.6 outstanding stars.

When we checked for reviews, we found more good reviews and a bit awful reviews as well. Customers loved the brush dryer idea and praised the fast drying and extraordinary volume and shine it provides. 

However, few users have complained that the product is a United States market-based product and cannot be plugged into other country’s sockets. 


Some complained about losing the hair because of the dryer, while few stated it burns the hair with its powerful heat. As we told you there were lots of good reviews and it is just an overview of bad ones. 


We have raised our thumbs and recommended this product. It is affordable and easy to use with lots of features mentioned above. Revlon one step dryer and volumizer are worth the hype.

We would love to hear your experience of the product in the comments below.

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