Roblox Metaverse Event

Here for Roblox Metaverse Event {August 15th, 2021}? Then you must read this informative article because here we are going to cover in-depth analysis.

There are several online video games available over the internet, but Roblox broke all the records and earned more than $2 billion in 2020. And now the Roblox Metaverse Event is going to happen in August. Here you will get to know about the prize money and how you can participate in this event.

The format is not new. It is based on the Roblox game only; several United States, United Kingdom, and other players from different countries already applied for it. But only one will get a chance to hit the jackpot prize money.

What is Roblox Metaverse Event?

As the advertisement is already started flashing on the opening page of the game, for this championship, four participants have selected a name which are:

  • AJ Striker,
  • Sparks Kilowatt,
  • Fey Yoshida,
  • Wren Brightblade

The event date has already been decided and is going to happen from August 15th till May 15th. The four-week event brings you lots of surprises and a chance to earn several benefits. However, you don’t have to stay behind because you can still participate in the event by playing different quests and promotional matches to get lots of benefits. Each player will get a chance to get a mystery box and to know that you have to take part.


Each player can rally behind and can support one among the four finalists to explore the championship chest. The chest is hidden in various locations of the Metaverse; you have to work for your faction and unlock more chests to earn points that will directly support your team, which will help them make the unique and grand prize.

Instructions to get the Surprise Chest?

How can you unlock the Admin, Star creators, and developer’s box?

Developers, star creators, admins are named for the boxes and distributed at a different location over Metaverse. It’s a great option to earn rewards.



Regular gameplay won’t help you out; for this, you have to play and hunt for the chest separately; this desired figure will only give you reward points.

Is it possible to get all four boxes at one match?

Yes, you can get all four of these, and it depends upon your thirst to hunt. But remember you will get a chance to win four boxes in a week where you have to encash them within that week only. No carry-forward is allowed after the weekends. It will deactivate automatically.

Trick to reveal the four boxes?


During our analysis, we found some way to get all the four boxes to use code Deeterplays; although there is no proof of it, they are encouraged to offer those four boxes without any hard work that you have to do in Roblox Metaverse Event.


As from the details mentioned above about the event, we showed how you could collect the Admin, Star creators, and developer’s boxes. You will also find some answers to your questions.

Please let us know how many boxes you collected and supported your faction.


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