Roblox Steel Rabbit Ears Code

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Do you have any idea about promo codes? Are you looking for the updated promo codes for Roblox? Then you are on the right page where you will get to know the Roblox worldwide promo codes on this platform.


Roblox is a popular online video game free of cost and can be played on android, iOs, windows, etc., by all age groups. In this game, the common thing is an avatar. According to the latest update, a new promo code has been launched, i.e., Roblox Steel Rabbit Ears Code. 


Robux is the digital currency that will help you get the avatar, skin items, pets, and many other games. Let’s understand this concept in detail.

About Promo Codes:

Are you excited to know about the promo codes? Promo codes will give you the chance to make the game more entertaining. You can customize your character. They will provide you some funny looks at the game, and the best thing is that you can avail it without incurring any cost. In today’s time lot of promo codes are available. 

Out of them, some are active, and some are expired. It is easy to use and apply. You don’t need to make many efforts. It is a cost-effective and time-saving process for game lovers. All you need to log in to your account and copy the promo code and paste it into the text box.

The active promo codes are: 

  • spidercola, 
  • tweetroblox, 
  • DIY, 
  • Worldalive, 
  • Get moving, 
  • Settingthestage, 
  • Strikeapose, 
  • Walmartmexaears2021, 
  • Victorylap, 
  • Robloxedu2021.

About Roblox Steel Rabbit Ears Code:

Developers are launching the promo codes for making Roblox more exciting and entertaining. It is a type of hat accessory that is used in place of hats. It consists of two colors, i.e., grey and light grey, with a bluish tone. In short, it can be called a set of sophisticated rabbits.


The Steel rabbit ear is one of the most exciting promo codes launched on 8th April 2021. We don’t know much about this, but we will update you soon regarding this. You can redeem this code to receive a free hat accessory.

Few important things about the upcoming promo code:

Let us understand this promo code status, description, and type.

· Name of the promo code: Steel Rabbit Ears Code.

· Type of the code: Hat accessory.


· Current Status: Active.     

· Description: You can avail of it by redeeming the limited promo code on the official website.

Steps to avail steel rabbit ear promo code:

You need to follow specific steps, which are as under:

  • First, Go to your Roblox account.
  • Secondly, go to the official website of Roblox, where you can avail of the promo code.
  • Search in the text box and “enter your code.”
  • You should enter the correct code, enter “WALMARTMEXEARS2021.”
  • Go on the Redeem option.
  • On the screen, the message will display to you that successfully you have redeemed the promo code.

Steps to check whether the new promo code has been taken into your account or not?

After completing all the necessary steps go to avatar and check your inventory, where you will receive steel rabbit ears. You can avail of it only with the help of promo codes. You can have the option for 3D or 2D. It is not for sale purposes.

Users reviews:


Roblox is getting more attention from gamers and is gaining more popularity worldwide because of the different types of promo codes are using by the developers to make it more loving and excited.

We have searched over the internet, and we have received good reactions about the Roblox steel rabbit promo code. Gamers are very excited to use this new type of accessory. Most gamers asked the question on the internet that when it will be out to avail?

It is an attractive, fantastic promo code for gamers.


We have provided you all the necessary details related to the Roblox steel rabbit ears promo code. So many promo codes are coming daily; some of the promo codes are already mentioned above. Make sure to redeem it as soon as possible otherwise; it will expire most probably within 30 days.

Did you use Roblox steel rabbit ears promo code? Kindly write your experience with us.


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