Are you looking for a multi-featured streaming app with the store? Get activate setup guide, this  site has both features of streaming and shopping portal. They have many exciting features under one roof. Isn’t it great?

This streaming platform is quite popular in the United States. Many people are addicted to this platform. They viewed their content and shopped their products regularly. So, without wasting any further time, let’s go to the more detailed insight view. 

What is


As we mentioned in the above paragraph, this is a popular streaming platform that includes many other features. Before we explore more features, we need to know about its eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are mentioned below. 


  • You need to be 18 years old or above to access this site.
  • You need to have your e-mail ID.
  • You need to have identity proof approved by the government.

Let’s know the activate steps in the below section.

Features of 

  • Channel: This portal shows the different categories of various channels available on this streaming platform.
  • Series: This portal is all about their original series. You can click on this portal and discover both new and old original series.
  • Store: This portal is offering official merchandise of various games, shows and many categories. You can place an order of your favourite merchandise online, and they will deliver it to your doorsteps.
  • Episodes: This portal help you to track the recent episodes of both new and old series you love.
  • Lives: This portal contains all the new live original videos of different celebrities and news videos.
  • Schedule: This portal contains all the exact dates and timing of shows, lives, web series etc. 
  • Community: This portal is all about the members and subscribers, artists, and employees of this organisation.
  • RTX Austin: This is another website that collaborated with You can check this out if you want.
  • Device: Here, you can get all information about the device and its usage.

The process of activate?

  • Firstly, you need to go to the main page and click on “start streaming.”
  • Then you need to log in with all the required details.
  • After login into the website, you need to click on subscribe.
  • Then you need to fill in all the details about payment.
  • Then you need to proceed and check out.
  • After that, confirm the subscription.
  • Now your account is completely ready to stream.


  • E-mail contact about student enquiry:
  • E-mail contact about press enquiry:
  • E-mail contact about questions:
  • E-mail contact about advertising and business:
  • Subscription’s fee: 12 months subscription fee is $119.99.
  • Category: Streaming platform and store.
  • Connected websites: Firsts and Rtx.
  • Payment method: Online mode.
  • Payment options: Credit card and debit cards.

How to log in or sign up for this site?

You need to follow some steps to login into this website. This is a very easy process. Each step is mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to go to the official websites.
  • After entering the website, you can three-bar icon on the top right corner; you just need to hit that and open the menu list.
  • Then you need to select login or sign up portal.
  • You need to enter your e-mail id and required details.
  • Now your account is created and ready to use.

Is legit?

According to our research, this website is legit for streaming its content. If you are a game lover and addicted to great and original content, this is a great and legit platform for you. But when it comes to their store portal, we can’t consider it a legit site. 


There are many suspicious activities is spotted by us. So, partially we consider its streaming portal as legit and the store portal as a scam.

Viewer’s response about this site?

They have a 2.5-star rating from the number of customers. They said that this platform has great original content but won’t serve great service on their store portal. 


Bad quality product, untimely delivery, wrong product delivery and many other issues related to their store portal raised continuously. All in all, activateis partially legit and safe to use for streaming videos and content.


As we mentioned in the above portion, we consider it a perfect legit entertainment site without any suspicious activities. Still, we spot suspicious activity in their store portal, so avoid shopping from this site. You can surely subscribe to this but shop from this site with safety precautions.

Hopefully, you sketch a better idea about this platform. Comment to us about your views and experience with this platform in the comment section on activate.


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